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Top 10 car brands in Australia, May 2019: Toyota crushes the competition

Toyota is in clear air at the top of the table

The automotive sales figures for May have landed, and they make for tough reading right across the top 10, with only one brand posting positive growth both over the past four weeks, and for the year to date.

That brand is Kia, which has continued its stellar start to the year with 5533 vehicles sold in May - and 24,864 so far this year - which is enough for it to report 0.6 per cent growth for the month, and 2.4 per cent for the year.

Those numbers are enough for Kia to claim spot number five on Australia's top 10 for May.

But where do the other players land? Let's take a look.

1. Toyota - 18,820 sales in May

Yes, Toyota’s numbers are down a little (3.8 per cent for the month, 5.8 per cent for the year), but consider this; the brand's 18,820 sales are more than our second- and third-best sellers managed combined.

The HiLux led the charge, with a total 4206 sales. But honourable mentions must go to the RAV4 (2917 sales), the Corolla (2467 sales) and the LandCruiser (2301 sales).

2. Mazda - 8578 sales in May

Mazda staked its claim for spot number two last month, managing 8578 sales (down 8.8 per cent for the month, and 4.9 per cent for the year).

Key performers for the Japanese brand include the Mazda3 (2359 sales), and the CX-5 (2100 sales). The new CX-8, though, isn’t shining quite so bright, with 208 sales in May.

3. Hyundai - 8106 sales in May

Hyundai's 8106 sales were enough to claim third, but like most brands, the Korean giant is hurting a little this year, with numbers down 8.0 per cent for the month, and 11.6 per cent year to date.

The i30 was the brand's star performer by some margin, claiming 2901 sales. And the brand's SUV family performed well, with 1185 sales for the Kona, 1710 sales for the Tucson and 503 sales for the Santa Fe.

4. Ford - 5788 sales in May

The former homegrown hero managed 5788 sales in May, which represents just a 0.9 drop for the month, while sales for the year are down 7.3 per cent.

No prizes for guessing the star performers in the Ford line-up; the Ranger continues to crush it, shifting 3972 units, while the Mustang is still performing well, with 348 sales. The remaining sales were shared across the rest of the Ford range.

5. Kia - 5533 sales in May

Whatever they’re pouring into the water coolers over at Kia, they should keep right on at it, with the Korean brand the only player in our top 10 to report positive growth for both metrics. Kia’s 5533 sales are up 0.6 per cent for the month, and 2.4 per cent for the year. Some 2024 Ceratos found homes last month, while the Sportage moved 1143 units.

6. Mitsubishi - 5120 sales in May

Mitsubishi 5120 units sold paint a pretty miserable picture for the month, with sales down some 26 per cent. But the Japanese shifted a lot of units earlier in the year, which helps lift their year-to-date figure into positive territory, showing a 4.5 per cent increase.

The Triton was the biggest mover, with 1382 units sold, closely followed by the Outlander, with 1380 sales. The ASX performed strongly, too, with 1044 units finding homes.

7. Volkswagen - 4520 sales in May

Volkswagen’s 4520 sales marked a 16.8 per cent drop for the month, and an 11.9 per cent fall year to date. The brand’s iconic Golf was its best performer last month, shifting 1398 units, while 778 Tiguans found homes, too.

8. Holden - 4392 sales in May

Holden is still hovering around the second half of the top 10, shifting 4392 units in May - down 14.4 per cent for the month and 21.9 per cent for the year.

The Holden Colorado moved 1719 units in May, and the Commodore was the brand’s second-best mover, shifting 670 units.

9. Subaru - 4023 sales in May

Subaru’s 4023 sales marked 0.1 per cent up-tick for the month, but a 27.4 per cent drop, year to date. Both the Forester and the XV sold more than 1000 units last month, with 1472 sales for the bigger SUV, and 1164 sales for its smaller sibling.

10. Nissan - 3970 sales in May

Nissan rounds out the top 10 this month, with its 3970 sales in May marking an 8.4 per cent drop for the month and a 14.2 per cent fall year to date. The X-Trail nabbed 1584 sales in May, while the Navara claimed 1116 sales.

Top ten car brands for May:

1. Toyota18,820
2. Mazda8578
3. Hyundai8106
4. Ford5788
5. Kia5533
6. Mitsubishi5120
7. Volkswagen4520
8. Holden4392
9. Subaru4023
10. Nissan3970

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