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BMW has grown into one of the world's leading producers of prestige, luxury, SUV, sports and high-performance cars, petrol-electric hybrids, and electric cars, all promising the ultimate driving experience. There's a vast range made up of prestige and luxury hatches, sedans, wagons, coupes and convertibles, including 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series models. The SUVs include X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6. There's also the Z4 sports car and the M Sport high-performance range of M3, M4, M5, M6, X5 M and X6 M, and the i3 and i8 technological flagships.

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BMW M240i 2018 review

From most angles the M240i looks sporty, which is precisely the...Read more

BMW X3 xDrive30i 2018 review: snapshot

The xDrive30i is the only (for now) petrol variant on offer in the X3...Read more

BMW X3 xDrive30d 2018 review: snapshot

The xDrive30d might be the most expensive choice in the BMW X3 family, but...Read more

BMW X3 xDrive20d 2018 review: snapshot

The xDrive20d marks the entry point to the three-strong (for now) BMW X3...Read more

BMW 220i 2017 review: snapshot

At $52,990 for the coupe and $59,900 for the convertible version, the 220i...Read more

BMW M140i 2017 review: snapshot

The M140i is powered by a cracking turbo-petrol six-cylinder engine...Read more

BMW 125i 2017 review: snapshot

The four-cylinder, turbo-petrol 125i starts off at $49,990.Read more

BMW 120i 2017 review: snapshot

The four-cylinder, turbo-petrol 120i starts at $45,990.Read more

BMW 118i 2017 review: snapshot

The entry-level, 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, turbo-petrol 118i ($39,990) is...Read more

BMW 230i 2017 review: snapshot

The middle rung on the 2 Series ladder is the 230i M Sport in Coupe ($63,...Read more

BMW X1 2017 review: sDrive18d

The BMW X1 is the smallest and most affordable BMW SUV you can buy. But...Read more

BMW 2 Series 2017 review

Prices are up, and changes are mostly under the skin, so you're not...Read more

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