BMW has seldom delved into the two-door, two-seat drop-top space, but the Z4 has served the German company well since its worldwide debut in 2003.

The first generation Z4 sold until 2007, and featured a variety of in-line six cylinder engines that culminated in the the Z4M Roadster and Coupe models, which to this day remain special M variants for the savvy collector.

The second generation Z4 was less successful and offered more turbo power but not much pizzazz. This, however, is set to change with the impending launch of the third gen Z4, co-developed on an all-new rear-drive platform with Toyota. The range currently starts from the Z4 sDRIVE 20i EDT M SPORT at $64,900 and goes up to the Z4 sDrive 35is offered at $119,415.

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BMW Z4 Coupe 2013 review

BMW Z4 has one of the purest body shapes on the road whether it's used as a closed coupe, or a top-down roadster in which to appreciate the joys of cruising in Australia.Read more


BMW Z4 2013 review

BMW Z4 is a true roadster, with a very long bonnet, a stubby tail and seats all the way back, within a few centimetres of the rear wheels. We love the shape of this sporting little BeeEm, which has just been given a mild update with extra equipment...Read more

BMW Z4 MkII 2013 review

BMW introduced the current generation Z4 quite a few years ago now and they have moved to keep the Z4 pot boiling with a Gen II version of the classically styled two seater. Price and features Kick off point for the latest line-up is the Z4 sDrive20i at...Read more


Used BMW Z3 and Z4 review: 1997-2012

The BMW Z3 and Z4 are genuine roadsters, not simply convertibles. The difference being that roadsters are strictly two-seaters and the seats are set well back, almost to the rear axle. The resulting very long nose and a stubby tail mean the BMW Z-cars...Read more

BMW Z4 2012 Review

BMW, the Bavarian automobile giant, has squeezed better performance and fuel economy out of its Z4 sports coupe range while keeping the purchase price down. How? VALUE A shift from a six to a turbocharged four-cylinder engine has imbued the new top-of-...Read more


BMW Z4 20i 2011 review

There's always a bit left over when you divide six by four. For BMW's Z4 20i what's left is a lighter, nimbler roadster that uses 20 per cent less fuel than its six-cylinder predecessor. It still hammers harder than a nailgun and its pose...Read more

BMW Z4 2011 review

We weren't fans of the first Z4 - too many disparate angles to the sheetmetal, too short in the rump and long in the snout, too retro around the grille and headlights. Went OK though. That's been fixed with the latest model - an altogether...Read more


BMW Z4 sDrive35is 2010 review

THERE have been some mad, bad BMWs in the past that had more in common with American muscle cars than sober ``ultimate driving machines''. Exhibit A: the M Coupes and Roadsters offered during the previous decade. Rather than the balance of...Read more

BMW Z4 2010 review

The new roadster has plenty of M stuff, and the performance to match a manual M3 coupe, but BMW Australia says it's not a true M car and not entitled to the badge which brings ultimate BMW bragging rights. Instead, in the confusing BMW world of 2010...Read more


BMW Z4 200 Review

I was a fan of the old Z4 — it was a sportscar that had some traditional elements to it, rather than pandering to the masses. It may not have been classically attractive, but it was a bold looking device, with a proper soft-top joined later by the...Read more

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