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BMW Z4 review | first drive

BMW Z4 is a true roadster, with a very long bonnet, a stubby tail and...Read more

BMW Z4 Mk II review | first drive

BMW introduced the current generation Z4 quite a few years ago now and...Read more

Used car reviews BMW Z3 and Z4 1997-2012

The BMW Z3 and Z4 are genuine roadsters, not simply convertibles. The...Read more

New BMW Z4 sDrive 28i Roadster review

BMW, the Bavarian automobile giant, has squeezed better performance and...Read more

BMW Z4 sDrive35is review

THERE have been some mad, bad BMWs in the past that had more in common...Read more

BMW Z4 sDrive35is review

The new roadster has plenty of M stuff, and the performance to match a...Read more

BMW Z4 review

I was a fan of the old Z4 — it was a sportscar that had some...Read more

Used car review BMW Z4 2003-2006

In BMW terms the Z3 sports roadster was an eminently forgettable car....Read more

Used car review BMW Z3 1997-2003

BMW’s new Z4 is a giant leap forward from the Z3 which proved...Read more

BMW Z4 a perfect balance

Step into the BMW Z4 Roadster and you are immediately enveloped in a cabin...Read more

BMW Z4 all muscle, nothing subtle

It borrows nothing from the limited-run Z3 series M Coupe, which aimed at...Read more

The challenge facing BMW

For every equivalent to "Phwoar, that's all right," there was a...Read more

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