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Before you buy

What safety features should I look for in a new car?

14 April 2015 by Jack Pyefinch

Buying a new car can feel a lot like a game of Scrabble, particularly when...

Drive-away pricing vs on-road costs | what to look out for

22 July 2015 by Jack Pyefinch

"Drive away, no more to pay"? Well, you'd kind of hope so,...

Best tips for buying a car at auction

28 May 2015 by Jack Pyefinch

Auctions can, it seems, do strange things to the human brain. The...

Before you sell

Best tips for preparing your car for sale

19 May 2015 by Graham Smith

Make the effort to get your car ready for sale and you could reap the...

Selling a car under finance

6 July 2015 by Jack Pyefinch

When it comes to selling your car, there are a few things that can make it...

Selling your car privately or to a dealer

23 December 2014 by CarsGuide team

So you want to sell your car but have no idea whether to sell it privately...

Latest safety stories

Ford recalls Focus over fire risk

23 hours by Neil Dowling

Ford Australia has confirmed it is contacting almost 43,000 Focus owners...

10 dopey driving habits that are costing you money

11 August 2017 by Stephen Corby

Everyone has bad driving habits, but are yours costing you money?

Can you leave kids in a car? Ever?

10 August 2017 by Nedahl Stelio

Hands up who takes their children with them while they pop into the corner...