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The wagon, or station wagon, is essentially a sedan with a longer roof and a tailgate, the combination of which delivers more cargo or luggage space. In some instances, wagons have longer wheelbases, which offer rear passengers more legroom. Sizes include small, medium and large, offering buyers a more affordable and fuel-efficient alternative to an SUV.

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Peugeot 508 2024 review: GT PHEV Sportswagon
The humble station wagon has fallen by the wayside in favour of the ever-popular SUV, however, it was once more common for a very good reason.It offers the space many families crave without having to upsize into a vehicle that can feel big and bulky.A lot of drivers enjoy the sportier on-road feel and the good-looking styling that often accompanies a wagon. Enter the Peugeot 508 Sportswagon. A model that proves wagons can be hot.I’m family-testing the top GT plug-in hybrid model this week but there’s not a lot to compare it to because of the interesting engine specs.So, we’re being a bit cheeky and doing an ‘apples with oranges’ comparo instead.Being on the premium end, the 508 Sportswagon faces competition from the Audi A4 Allroad 45 TFSI, Genesis G70 Shooting Brake and Volvo V60 Cross Country Ultimate.It certainly has the looks to turn heads but we’re sussing out whether it’s a practical alternative for families, too.
Ineos Grenadier 2024 review
Are you familiar with the expression: Be careful what you wish for? It’s an all-purpose warning against confusing what you think you want with what you really need. And it often applies to car design.See, ever since the first soft-roader ditched its low-ratio gear-set and ladder chassis, and the first LandCruiser and Patrol swapped solid axles for an independent front suspension, hard-core bush-bashers have been crying foul.Don’t dilute the formula, has been the outcry. Don’t bother with Bluetooth and leather trim, give us a hard-as-nails vehicle that keeps it rugged and simple. But are they right?Well, here’s our big chance to find out, because the people at Ineos Automotive clearly hold the same values dear. And, as a result, the much-hyped Ineos Grenadier is finally here, complete with its hose-out cabin, tilt-slab styling and live axles front and rear.Which is fine, but now, having rubbed the lamp and uncorked the genie, is the hard-headed Grenadier really what we wanted after all? Does this degree of single-mindedness have a place in modern life? Or is the Ineos the victim of its own sense of purpose?
Lexus LM 2024 review
Most people that are wealthy enough to be ferried around in a car or limo choose a long luxurious sedan like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series or a Lexus LS. Of course, there are now also SUVs that are used for the same purpose.But what about a plush people mover? There are very few of these available in Australia and they don’t sell in huge numbers. But Lexus believes there is a market for such a model and it has just launched the big and bold LM. The hybrid-only range is a unique proposition and the LM should hold appeal for limo and tourism operators, and larger cashed-up families. This initial launch drive was a slightly different format to usual. Given the intended use of the lounge-like model, Lexus arranged for us to be collected in the LM by a chauffeur and ferried from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula. From there we got behind the wheel for a brief drive, but many of my impressions will focus on the passenger cabin experience.Note too that the LM500h does not land until early 2024, so we only sampled the LM350h AWD.So jump aboard and let’s see if this Lexus can do everything the LS can do - and maybe even a little bit more.
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