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The ute is a popular type of light-commercial vehicle (LCV), with it featuring an open tray or tub behind the passenger compartment. An abbreviation of 'utility', utes originally targeted tradespeople, but they're now often used as off-road adventure vehicles due to their availability of four-wheel drive (4WD), with two-wheel drive also available. Utes are even increasingly used as family cars thanks to their dual-cab body-style that typically seats five occupants. Single-cab and extra-cab configurations with two or three seats are also offered alongside pickup and cab-chassis options.

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Toyota Tundra 2024 review: Preview test 
Meet the Toyota five years in the making. The right-hand drive Tundra, shipped in from Texas and re-engineered here in Australia.The program has been underway since 2018, with Toyota Australia heading to the USA, Toyota Japan coming to Australia, and just about everyone converging on Walkinshaw in Victoria, to make sure this first-of-its kind project lives up to the Toyota badge.But the final result is this – an Australian Tundra, fully backed by Toyota, and one that offers the highest towing capability of any of the Japanese giant’s vehicles in this market.It's a vehicle, the brand says, of genuine OEM quality, like any other factory-delivered Tundra, despite the work undertaken here in Australia.So, was it worth the wait? Let’s find out.
Ford Ranger 2024 review: XL 4x2 Double Cab - GVM test
The 4x2 segment of Australia’s light commercial vehicle market is where you’ll find utes primarily designed for hard yakka. These base-model workhorses come in a variety of body types including single cab, extra cab, dual cab, ute or cab chassis.Buyers are typically government and commercial fleets, tradies, farmers, couriers and other business owners with a sharp focus on minimising costs.In that context, base-model 4x2s are popular, as they not only avoid the added complexity/expense of 4x4 but also have minimal standard equipment.Toyota has long dominated this segment with its 4x2 Hilux variants, but more recently its market share has diminished in the face of increasing competition from numerous rear-drive rivals, headed by Isuzu’s D-Max and Ford’s Ranger, which was recently crowned Australia's top-selling motor vehicle.We recently spent a week aboard the blue oval's 4x2 workhorse offering, to see how it measures up in this increasingly competitive market segment.
Jeep Gladiator 2024 review: Rubicon - off-road test
Vehicle marketers are guilty of tapping deep veins of hyperbole when talking about any vehicle that might have even a remote chance of venturing off a sealed surface.They use terms such as "off-road" and "adventure" and "off-grid" with such careless abandon these days that those utterances and the like tend to hold little weight in the minds of experienced four-wheel drivers – not that marketers' over-the-top descriptors have ever been held in any kind of esteem by those in the know.So, how much stock should we actually place in Jeep's 'Trail Rated' badge?Well, on paper at least, Jeep's Gladiator Rubicon, appears to be one of the most capable showroom-standard 4WD utes in Australia.Does this petrol-powered Jeep ute deserve to be cross-shopped against the Ford Ranger Raptor? Read on.
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