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Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance 2024 review
The Mercedes-AMG C63: Beer taste on a champagne budget? Actually, that’s being unkind, because the C63 has always been every inch a Mercedes.But it’s also the car that proved that just because your wallet has plenty of depth, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t often prefer a good rib-eye over foie gras.Meantime, the changing world has seen to it that the relative fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions of a twin-turbocharged V8 won’t cut it for much longer.The vegans have spoken (although foie gras is probably off the menu there, too) and Mercedes-AMG has been listening.The result is the C63 S E Performance which uses advanced (Formula 1-inspired, according to Mercedes) hybrid technology to deliver the same (or more) thrills as the ICE-powered C63.Along the way there’s also a slew of chassis control technologies at work, all aimed at making this the hot-rod AMG for future decades.But are the nay-sayers right? Will a four-cylinder ever replace a V8? And can a 2.0-litre hybrid ever produce the theatrical splendour of a large-capacity V8 grabbing huge lungfuls at 7000rpm?
Porsche 911 2024 review: Carrera T
It's a question only a relative few have the opportunity to answer for real. How much Porsche 911 is enough?Faced with myriad options through Carrera, Turbo and GT models, where does your satisfaction threshold lie?Well, I've just confirmed mine with the subject of this review, the 911 Carrera T.Closer to the entry-point to the line-up than the top shelf, it's a lightened, tweaked, yet every-day driveable version of this iconic sports car.The 'T' stands for Touring, a designation first applied to the 911 in 1968, and experiencing a rebirth with the previous 991 series of the car, as well as the current Macan.We spent a week exploring its form and function, so, read on to see if this could be your Porsche 911 sweet spot.
McLaren 750S 2024 review
Like most people in this day and age, I like to consider myself fairly green-minded. I recycle. I canvas bag. One time I even took public transport, despite having a perfectly good car at my disposal.But most importantly, at least as far as our only planet is concerned, I’ve embraced electrification in the automotive world, confident in the knowledge that, 99 times out of 100, introducing a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric powertrain to the equation improves both the driving experience and your fuel bill.The one out of that 100? That would be the McLaren 750S — the British brand’s new apex predator, and a vehicle that might just be the marque's last non-electrified series-production supercar ever.It’s powered by a spectacular twin-turbo V8 engine that contributes to a drive experience so raw, so pure, and so unfiltered, that to sully it with heavy batteries or silent electric motors would just about qualify as a crime against humanity, or at least against the parts of humanity fortunate enough to be able to afford one.So, is this McLaren 750S the best of the current supercar bunch? Let's find out.
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