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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Few cars have had the impact of the Volkswagen Golf. With worldwide sales in excess of 30 million, it's fair to say that VW's small-sized hatch is a pretty big deal.

Introduced in Australia in 1976 as a replacement for the classic Beetle, the Golf has undergone a series of growth spurts and facelifts to stay up-to-date and remain a viable option for Australian families. The Golf pulls off a neat trick – it's big enough to seat four in comfort, but small enough to park with ease. It's reserved enough to not draw attention, but classy enough that you don't feel short-changed at traffic lights. It's quiet enough to sit all day at freeway speeds, and interesting enough when you turn onto a back road. The Golf 110 TSI TRENDLINE starts at $24,990 up to $61,990 for the Golf R SPECIAL EDITION and is available as everything from a city-bound hatchback to snarling GTI and R performance versions.

This vehicle is also known as Volkswagen Rabbit, Volkswagen Caribe.

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Range and Specs

110 TSI COMFORTLINE 1.4L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO $30,190 2019 Volkswagen Golf 110 TSI COMFORTLINE Pricing and Specs
110 TSI Highline 1.4L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO $36,490 2019 Volkswagen Golf 110 TSI Highline Pricing and Specs
110 TSI TRENDLINE 1.4L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO $27,790 2019 Volkswagen Golf 110 TSI TRENDLINE Pricing and Specs
GTI 2.0L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO $46,190 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Pricing and Specs

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