Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen has had a couple of goes at bringing back one of the most iconic cars ever built. The latest version, known simply as the Beetle, was released in 2013, but underperformed on the sales front and was dropped at the end of 2016.

It’s actually not a bad car, though, as it sits on the same underpinnings as the Golf Mk V. This, of course, makes it a front-engined front-wheel-drive, as opposed to the rear-engined rear wheel drive of the 'Type 1' original. Volkswagen also tried the retro trick from 1997 to 2011, even fitting the New Beetle with a thin vase on the dashboard, complete with a fake sunflower that still survives in some examples 20 years later.

Currently, the line-up composes of one car, the Beetle CLASSIC which is priced at $36,990.

Volkswagen Beetle Reviews


Volkswagen Beetle 2014 Review

Confession time. I've always loved Beetles. Learned to drive in one and lavished thousands of dollars trying to turn one into a Porsche.Read more


Used Volkswagen Beetle review: 2000-2013

During the 1960s and into the '70s the original VW Beetle was a major player in the Australian market. It was built here for most of that time and was often in the top three in the sales race; beaten only by Holden and Falcon. It grew increasingly...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 review

There's a melange of motifs in this little VeeWee. It bears the nameplates Beetle and Fender, the people's car and the original hard bodied electric guitar -- both modern versions of which are made at some remove from their respective places of...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 review: snapshot

Volkswagen has decided to have another crack at the iconic Beetle with a newer version of what came to be known as the "new" Beetle from about a decade ago. It's a bit confusing but all you need to know is the latest version is a totally...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 1.4 TSI 2013 review

Where else to gain public opinions on the latest VW Beetle than at a place called Ferry Road Diner on the Gold Coast? It’s a well known meeting place on Friday nights for all things retro, mainly those on four wheels. The diner has a carpark the...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 review: road test

They said it wouldn't last; that the VW New Beetle, launched in 1998, would be a flash in the automotive pan. Pundits predicted the revived Beetle would drag in a few lovers of the old air-cooled VW from the 1960s and ‘70s then quietly fade...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle Fender 2013 review

Who'd have thought Coke bottles and a Fender guitars would have a common link with Volkswagen? Well, like the car, the bottle and the guitar have what VW call `iconic styling' in that any of them would be instantly recognisable anywhere in the...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 review: first drive

The Beetle is back – and it’s been squashed. Kind of. In an attempt to lose some of its cutesy looks and give it a more masculine appeal the new Beetle is longer, wider and lower than before. The roof is a little flatter, too, losing the...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle Turbo 2013 review

When the New Beetle arrived, back in 1998, it elicited waves of nostalgia from Baby Boomers who had owned the old air-cooled Beetles, and loved what they had come to symbolise. At the time of the New Beetle's launch, it was exactly what they wanted...Read more

Volkswagen Beetle 2013 Review

NEWS flash: Beetles aren't accomplished skaters on the polished stone surface of a Berlin street. Putting a 1958 model against the next model showed that. Built in the days when traction control merely meant being alert enough to avoid ice patches...Read more

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