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Chris Vardanega ASKED THE GUIDE

Travelling to Cape York

Re the VW Amaroks on Cape York. In the early 1970s I was on mineral exploration and surveying in Cape York with Alcan on bauxite exploration and GHD for surveying. Many of the survey pegs and lines you see north of the Wenlock River are mine. I hesitate to say they bred them tougher then but during my work up north I saw a VW Beetle make the journey. One Holden sedan and at least one or two on pushbikes also did it. Crossing the Wenlock, there was a sharp left turn on the south bank, then a drive about 20-30 metres down river, then a sharp right where the ripples on the water surface indicated a drop off to drive straight ahead to the north bank. One time one of our crew also dropped a wheel over the edge. We had just recovered the vehicle when the Leyland Brothers turned up. We dropped it back in and recovered it again so they could film it.

Paul Gover ANSWERED BY Paul Gover
14 September 2015

I loved the great work of Mike and Mal Leyland. You've spoilt some of the myth by revealing this secret.