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VW Beetle production ends

The Volkswagen Beetle may have been an icon, but the latest version never saw big sales success.

The very last Volkswagen Beetle has rolled down the production line in Mexico, with the iconic retro hatchback having had its last day in the sun.

The Puebla plant that has been the assembly location for the VW Beetle for the entire life off this version of the Bug, which launched in 2011. The plant also built the New Beetle model that came before it from 1999 until the new-gen model launched - and it was seen off by the factory’s assembly line workers and a Mariachi band.

The final version of the Beetle - also called the Coccinelle, Maggiolino, Fusca and (oddly) The Beetle - was a hatchback coated in Denim Blue paint with retro chrome and white wheels. It will be a museum piece, housed at the brand’s showcase in Puebla.

The final 65 examples of the Beetle will be sold through Amazon to customers in Mexico.

More than half a million examples of the Beetle have been sold over the eight years of production, and the model was sold in Australia from 2012 to 2016.

The model was set to be revamped with a Beetle Dune off-road-ish model, but market demands have seen the cessation of the model range altogether. The Puebla plant is set to be retooled to build a new SUV for the US market that will slot in below the Tiguan.

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