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Audi capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

Every regular Audi model is covered by a form of capped price servicing - but high-performance models miss out. (image credit:
Matt Campbell
Senior Editor

19 Oct 2018 • 71 min read

Audi Australia offers customers a capped price servicing plan that it labels the Audi Genuine Care Service Plan. 

The plan spans three years/45,000km, which means service intervals of every 12 months/15,000km across a range of different models. 

You’ll need to pay the entire rate at the outset if you want Audi’s capped price plan. The way the German maker has structured its plan means it's simple to add the cost of maintenance to the price of the car when you sign on the dotted line, allowing customers to break those costs into smaller instalments as they pay the vehicle off, as it can be rolled into the finance paperwork.

As you'll see in the table below, the smaller the car, the less it'll cost to maintain. An A1 should be more affordable to own than an A7, after all.

But unlike, say, Mercedes-AMG, Audi’s performance vehicles - like the R8 supercar and all RS models (like the RS 3, RS 4, RS 5 etc) - aren’t covered by the capped price servicing plan, so you may need to consider the potential expense if you’re spending up on one of the four-ring-brand’s more performance-oriented vehicles. 

Three years of capped price servicing is okay, but not terrific, for this premium brand. And while Audi’s intervals are reasonable, you can’t escape the fact that the costs are high. 6/10

If you’re curious about annual service costs, see our detailed table below which sets out the specifics of the cost per service for each of the applicable models, and also the intervals at which maintenance needs to be performed. 

Model Years Warranty No. of Years Capped Servicing Avg. Cost per Service (over 3 years) Total Cost (over 3 years)
A1 / S1 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $526.67 $1,580.00
Q2 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $530.00 $1,590.00
Q3 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $530.00 $1,590.00
TT / TTS 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $536.67 $1,610.00
A4 / S4 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $540.00 $1,620.00
A5 / S5 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $556.67 $1,670.00
A3 / S3 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $560.00 $1,680.00
A6 / S6 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $603.33 $1,810.00
Q5 / SQ5 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $623.33 $1,870.00
A8 / S8 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $633.33 $1,900.00
Q7 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $633.33 $1,900.00
A7 / S7 3 3 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $643.33 $1,930.00

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​Tell us your stories about Audi servicing. Let us know if you've had a good or bad experience in the comments section below.