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Mercedes-Benz capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

​The Mercedes-Benz and AMG ranges are covered by a capped price servicing plan, or you can pre-purchase maintenance.
Matt Campbell
Senior Editor

19 Oct 2018 • 117 min read

Mercedes-Benz Australia offers its customers a capped price servicing plan which covers all models - from the entry-level A-Class all the way up to those thumping Mercedes-AMG models.

The company’s three-year/100,000km warranty cover is matched by three years of capped price servicing for all models. The service intervals will vary depending on the car or SUV you've bought, but there’s no need to go in twice a year unless you’re covering a lot of kilometres - every Benz needs servicing every 12 months. But the brand's maintenance costs are higher than most competitors, right across the board. 

Like some other brands, Mercedes also gives owners the chance to pre-purchase their servicing, which means you can bundle the ownership costs into your finance deal or lease - helping ease the burden when it comes time to pay for maintenance.

There are two levels of Service Plan you can pre-purchase; Silver, which covers the basics such as fluids and filters, or Platinum, which also includes replacement of brake pads and discs, as well as windscreen wiper blade replacement. Contract terms range between two and five years, and from 30,000km to 125,000km, depending on the intervals.

The plans are slightly different for Mercedes-Benz Vans models - including models like the X-Class and Vito / Valente / V-Class. The levels there are called BestBasic, SelectPlus and Complete. And as with the passenger car range, you don’t need to pre-purchase the maintenance if you don’t want to. 

See the table below for the average cost per service for each of the models in the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG ranges, plus the maintenance schedule applicable to each of the different variants listed.

ModelYears WarrantyNo. of Years Capped ServicingAvg. Cost per Service (over 3 years)Total Cost (over 3 years)
A-Class33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$660.00$1,980.00
B-Class33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$660.00$1,980.00
C-Class33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$660.00$1,980.00
CLA33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$660.00$1,980.00
GLA33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$660.00$1,980.00
GLC 220 / 25033 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$760.00$2,280.00
AMG C 4333 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$860.00$2,580.00
CLS33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$860.00$2,580.00
AMG GLC 4333 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$860.00$2,580.00
SL33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$860.00$2,580.00
SLC & AMG SLC33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$860.00$2,580.00
E-Class33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$893.33$2,680.00
GLC 35033 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$910.00$2,730.00
AMG A 4533 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$960.00$2,880.00
AMG CLA 4533 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$960.00$2,880.00
AMG GLA 4533 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$960.00$2,880.00
S 300 / 350 / 400 / 50033 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$993.33$2,980.00
GLE33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$1,026.67$3,080.00
AMG GLE 4333 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$1,026.67$3,080.00
GL33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$1,026.67$3,080.00
AMG C 63 S33 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,126.67$3,380.00
AMG E 4333 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$1,126.67$3,380.00
AMG GLE 63 S33 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,160.00$3,480.00
AMG GL33 (every 12 months / 25,000km)$1,160.00$3,480.00
G350 d33 (every 12 months / 15,000km)$1,193.33$3,580.00
G50033 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,193.33$3,580.00
AMG CLS63 S33 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,226.67$3,680.00
S 60033 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,226.67$3,680.00
AMG S 6333 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,226.67$3,680.00
AMG S 6533 (every 12 months / 15,000km)$1,226.67$3,680.00
AMG SL 6333 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,260.00$3,780.00
AMG SL 6533 (every 12 months / 15,000km)$1,260.00$3,780.00
AMG SLK 5533 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,260.00$3,780.00
AMG G 6333 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,293.33$3,880.00
GT33 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,393.33$4,180.00
AMD GLC 6333 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,523.33$4,570.00
AMG E6333 (every 12 months / 20,000km)$1,620.00$4,860.00

​Have you got any stories to share about servicing a Mercedes-Benz? Tell us in the comments section below.