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Hyundai capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

With lengthy coverage for its cars, SUVs and vans, Hyundai's capped-price service plan is one of the best out there.

Hyundai offers a capped-price service program for all of its current models, which it calls a Lifetime Service Plan. Hyundai claims this is "Australia's most comprehensive, fully transferrable" plan. 

Fully transferrable means that, when you sell your car, the next owner can continue to take advantage of the service plan established for that particular vehicle. And, as you may derive from the name, the Lifetime Service Plan offered by Hyundai covers capped-price servicing for the life of the car.

But the life of a car depends on the model, it seems. The brand quotes 34 years for most models, with certain Kona, i30 and Tucson variants quoted up to 51 years.

You can search online and book a service at your most convenient dealer, and the system allows you to choose your service by duration or distance intervals. You will then be able to see the Hyundai service costs applicable to your car.

Maintenance requirements are dependent on the drivetrain fitted, with turbocharged petrol models needing servicing a little more regularly (in terms of kilometres) than turbodiesel and non-turbo petrols. But every Hyundai should still only require maintenance annually, which is a tick for the Korean company - some competitors require servicing for their cars every six months.

If you service your car with a participating Hyundai dealer, you will get up to 10 years of roadside assistance included. So if you get a flat battery, run out of fuel, get a flat tyre, lose your car keys or lock yourself out, you can rest assured the company's care team will do its best to assist you. Hyundai will even tow your caravan or trailer, if you're towing one when you run into strife.

This brand has built a reputation on its servicing and aftersales care program, and it scores well as a result. With a life-of-car warranty and good service intervals, plus affordable maintenance, it’s among the best in the business. 9/10

See the table below for the average cost per service for each of the models in the Hyundai range, plus the service intervals applicable to each of the different variants listed.

Model Years Warranty No. of Years Capped Servicing Avg. Cost per Service (over 5 years) Total Cost (over 5 years)
Accent 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $269.20 $1,346.00
Elantra 1.6L 5 34 (every 12 months / 10,000km) $281.00 $1,406.00
Elantra 2L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $283.20 $1416.00
i30 Diesel 1.6L  5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $321.00 $1,605.00
i30 Petrol 1.6L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $277.00 $1,385.00
i30 2.0L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $279.00 $1,395.00
i30 N 5 51 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $319.00 $1,595.00
Kona 2L 5 34(every 12 months / 15,000km) $284 $1,420.00
Kona 1.6L 5 51 (every 12 months / 10,000km) $306.00 $1,530.00
i40 1.7L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $289.20 $1,446.00
i40 2.0L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $370.40 $1852.00
Sonata 2L 5 51 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $295.20 $1,476.00
Sonata 2.4L 5 34 (every 12 months / 10,000km) $289.20 $1,446.00
Tucson 1.4 5 51(every 12 months / 15,000km) $317.00 $1,585.00
Tucson 2.0 Diesel 5 34 (every 12 months / 10,000km) $414.00 $2.070.00
Tucson 2.0 Petrol 5 34 (every 12 months / 10,000km) $306.00 $1,530.00
Santa Fe DM 2.2L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $413.20 $2,066.00
Santa Fe DM 2.4L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $327.00 $1,637.00
Santa Fe DM V6 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $328.20 $1,641.00
Santa Fe TM 2.2L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $419.00 $2,095.00
Santa Fe TM 2.4L 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $336.00 $1,680.00
iLoad 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $391.00 $1,958.00
iMax 5 34 (every 12 months / 15,000km) $391.60 $1,958.00

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