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Holden capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

​Holden's Know Your Price Servicing plan covers all new models currently on sale. (image credit:

Holden offers a fixed price servicing plan for all of its current models called “Know Your Price Servicing”.

This capped-price service program is designed to give consumers the knowledge of Holden service costs, with current models requiring more detailed and specific services than older models, which are also covered by the brand.

Holden models acquired with Lifetime Capped Price Service or Know Your Cost Service that are registered in 2019 will need to be serviced at 12 months/12,000km. This has been updated from every 9 months/15,000km for vehicles registered earlier.

Holden's Essentials servicing plan covers vehicles ranging back to the original 48-215 model: these visits consist of a basic service and safety check at a set price, and the plan covers every Holden model ever sold - be it sedan, wagon, hatchback, ute, van or SUV.

The Holden capped price servicing plan is good in terms of its length and value. 8/10

ModelYears WarrantyNo. of Years Capped SercivingAvg. Cost per serviceTotal Cost
Acadia5>7 months (every 12 months/12,000kms)$307.57 (over 7 years)$2,153.00 (over 7 years)
Astra5>7 months (every 12 months/12,000kms)343.29 (over 7 years)$2403.00 (over 7 years)
Commodore (2.0L Diesel Auto)5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$327.57 (over 7 years)$2,293.00 (over 7 years)
Commodore (2.0 Petrol Auto)5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$312.71 (over 7 years)$2,189.00 (over 7 years)
Commodore (3.6 Petrol Auto)5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$307.57 (over 7 years)$2,153.00 (over 7 years)
Equinox (petrol)5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$310.43 (over 7 years)$2,173.00 (over 7 years)
Trax5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$334.71 (over 5 years)$2,343.00 (over 5 years)
Equinox (diesel)5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$403.28 (over 7 years)$2,823.00 (over 7 years)
Colorado5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$423.28 (over 5 years)$3,033.00 (over 5 years)
Trailblazer5>7 years(every 12 months/12,000kms)$423.28 (over 5 years)$3,033.00 (over 5 years)

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