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Mitsubishi capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

Mitsubishi offers capped-pricing servicing that stretches out to 10 years, adding even more peace of mind.

Mitsubishi offers a capped-price servicing program for all of its current models, and it falls under the company’s ownership program known as Diamond Advantage.

The capped-price servicing plan offered by Mitsubishi is said to offer customers the security of knowing the most their scheduled regular service bill is going to cost up to 10 years.

The plan from Mitsubishi is among the longest in the market, with all models covered for 10 years or 150,000km.

The rest of Mitsubishi’s Diamond Advantage program relates to its maximum 10-year/200,000-kilometre warranty and four-year roadside assist package if you service your car within the Mitsubishi dealer network.

The costs are low, and the coverage period is very long for Mitsubishi. Ten years of capped price servicing is very competitive and matches its maximum 10-year warranty. 9/10

See the table below for the average cost per service for all models in the Mitsubishi range, plus the service intervals applicable for each of the different models listed.

Model Years Warranty No. of Years Capped Servicing Avg. Cost per Service (over 10 years) Total Cost (over 10 years)
ASX 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $389.00 $3,890.00
Mirage 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $379.00 $3,790.00
Outlander petrol 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $319.00 $3,190.00
Outlander PHEV 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $489.00 $4,890.00
Eclipse Cross petrol 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $379.00 $3,790.00
Eclipse Cross PHEV 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $479.00 $4,790.00
Triton petrol 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $489.00 $4,890.00
Triton diesel 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $599.00 $5,990.00
Pajero 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $739.00 $7,390.00
Pajero Sport 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $599.00 $5,990.00
Express 10 10 (every 15,000km / 12 months) $519.00 $5,190.00

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