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Jeep capped price servicing - cost, schedule & info

Jeep's 'There & Back Guarantee' is designed to give customers peace of mind. But the name of the program almost insights fear.

Jeep's Australian arm offers a capped price servicing program for all of its current models, with an updated plan coming into play in April 2020, for all models sold after 1 January, 2020.

The brand says it introduced its new, more affordable capped price servicing plan to “enhance customer trust”, and it covers petrol models (maintenance due every 12 months/12,000km) and diesel variants (servicing due every 12 months/20,000km) more uniform approach than the brand previously offered, where some SUVs required maintenance considerably more regularly than others.

Jeep covers all new models with a five-year, fully transferable warranty plan (with 100,000 kilometre cover), and a five-year capped price servicing plan that is backed by Jeep’s roadside assist cover for the warranty period (five years/100,000km).

Because the pint-sized Renegade is no longer available in Australia, the new capped-price service plan runs from the smallest Jeep model, the Compass, through to the popular Grand Cherokee, and while this new plan is considerably more affordable for MY20 Jeep models there are some outliers as you’ll see in the table below.  

Revised service intervals and lower costs are both plusses for the Jeep brand in Australia. It’s a shame that owners who bought their Jeep before 2020 will be stuck with different intervals and higher costs, but for new Jeep customers it should certainly hit the target of enhancing trust. 7/10

See the table below for a full breakdown of the service intervals and coverage for each model in the Jeep range, and the service costs for all models, too.

Model Years Warranty No. of Years Capped Servicing Avg. Cost per Service (over 5 years) Total Cost (over 5 years)
Wrangler 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00
Gladiator 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00
Compass petrol 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $349.00 $1,745.00
Compass diesel 5 5 (every 12 months / 20,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00
Grand Cherokee L 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00
Grand Cherokee 3.6L/6.4L petrol 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00
Grand Cherokee 3.0L diesel 5 5 (every 12 months / 20,000km) $599.00 $2,995.00
Grand Cheroke 6.2L petrol 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $799.00 $3,995.00
Cherokee petrol 5 5 (every 12 months / 12,000km) $399.00 $1,995.00

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