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Used Mercedes-Benz B-Class review: 2005-2015

From time to time you may have read my mutterings that fashion takes precedence over function in cars far too often. Which is why I admire the Mercedes-Benz B-Class so much, it's a major case of function pushing fashion aside. It is immensely...Read more


Mercedes-Benz B 250 4Matic 2015 review

Ewan Kennedy road tests and reviews the Mercedes-Benz B 250 4Matic with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.Read more


Mercedes-Benz B-Class B180 2013 Review

The new B 180 is the little Mercedes-Benz that could. For now it's the entry-level car for the three-pointed star and its sub-$40,000 pricepoint will get plenty interested in the brand who might not have considered it. Safety, economy and...Read more


Mercedes-Benz B-Class B180 2012 Review

You want to move a bundle of people in style and you only have about $40,000 in your pocket. A common problem, no doubt, but one made easier by the surprisingly inexpensive, efficient but decidedly pregnant style of the Mercedes-Benz B180. On its own it...Read more

Used Mercedes-Benz B-Class review: 2005-2012

The Mercedes B-Class is an exceptionally practical vehicle built on a stretched version of the Mercedes A-Class platform. The release of an all-new model in March 2012 has generated added interest to those on the used-car market. A taller than average...Read more

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 Review

Generation two of the practical Mercedes-Benz B-Class compact people mover has arrived. It's the first Benz to feature a new platform that will spawn five new small cars for the German manufacturer including the eagerly awaited new A-Class. The five...Read more

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 Review

This is the sort of car most people should be driving. The Mercedes-Benz B-Class is immensely practical, with a spaciou interior (you need a large Mercedes S-Class to get more rear legroom, and then only just), a tall seating position to provide good...Read more

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2012 Review

Buying a new Mercedes-Benz badge for Mazda prices is a reality with the launch of the Mercedes B-Class. The five-door hatch brings a new level of safety and sophistication to the small vehicle segment. The question now is how many people will pay range-...Read more


Used Mercedes-Benz B-Class review: 2005-2009

If the Mercedes-Benz A-Class suited young singles and couples without kids starting out in life along with older couples at the other end of the journey whose kids had fled the nest, the B-Class was the car for couples in the midst of family life. The B-...Read more

Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2009 Review

The smallest of the Benz-badged cars is the A-Class and the B is not a massive step up in size, but it's enough to offer that little bit of extra interior space. We're in the B200, which has just been facelifted, offering a re-sculpted bonnet,...Read more

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