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2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA, A-Class and B-Class price and specs detailed: Audi A3, BMW 1 Series rivals jump in cost due to weak Aussie dollar

The petite but pricey premium MFA2 cars from Mercedes-Benz – A-Class, CLA sedan and B-Class MPV - now cost even more.

Mercedes-Benz Australia has upped the price of its smaller passenger-car range by up to nearly $2000, including the best-selling A-Class and its sportier CLA coupe, making entry into the Three-Pointed-Star brand more expensive than before.

Now kicking off some $1200 more than before at $45,100 before on-road costs is the base A180 hatch, while the volume-selling A250 in front-drive (from $51,500) and 4Matic all-wheel drive (from $57,800) are now $800 and $900 more expensive respectively.

However, these pale against the Mercedes-AMG-modified versions, with the A35 4Matic hot hatch soaring some $3500 to $72,470, closing in on the A45S 4Matic+ missile’s $94,920, which is in itself now $1685 more expensive.

Meanwhile, the base CLA 200 will set buyers back $1900 more, the AMG-tuned 35 and 45 siblings cost $465 more (meaning the latter is zeroing in on Audi’s $135K TT RS – Australia’s least-affordable transverse passenger car), and the volume-selling CLA 250 4Matic lightens one’s purse by an extra $400.

On the A-Class Sedan front, the slow-selling three-box A200 has been axed, the A180 and A250s edge up $500, while the A35 AMG Sedan jumps by a far-more palatable $1365 compared to its five-door alternative.

Speaking of which, the boxy B-Class – sold locally in B200-only format – also rises by $500, to $48,200.

Why are the MFA2 passenger cars more expensive now? Here’s what Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific media relations and product communications manager, Ryan Lewis, had to say about it.

“Price increases have been made across various Mercedes-Benz models to adjust for a number of changes including, but not limited to, instability of exchange rates,” he said. “Each vehicle variant is adjusted individually and affected by different factors.”

2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatch pricing before on-road costs

A180 FWDAutomatic$45,100 (+$1200)
A250 FWDAutomatic$51,500 (+$800)
A250 4MaticAutomatic$57,800 (+$900)
A250e FWDAutomatic$63,400 (New)
AMG A35 4MaticAutomatic$72,470 (+$3535)
AMG A45 S 4MaticAutomatic$94,920 (+$1685)

2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan pricing before on-road costs

A180 FWDAutomatic$46,700 (+$500)
A250 FWDAutomatic$53,500 (+$500)
A250 4MaticAutomatic$59,700 (+$500)
A250e FWDAutomatic$66,000 (New)
AMG A35 4MaticAutomatic$73,500 (+$1365)

2021 Mercedes-Benz B-Class pricing before on-road costs

B180 FWDAutomatic$48,200 (+$500)

2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class pricing before on-road costs

CLA 200 FWDAutomatic$62,600 (+$1900)
CLA 250 4MaticAutomatic$70,600 (+$465)
AMG CLA 35 4MaticAutomatic$85,600 (+$465)
AMG CLA 45 S 4MaticAutomatic$111,300 (+$400)