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Articles by Byron Mathioudakis

Byron Mathioudakis

Byron Mathioudakis

Contributing Journalist

Byron started his motoring journalism career when he joined John Mellor in 1997 before becoming a freelance motoring writer two years later.

He wrote for several motoring publications and was ABC Youth radio Triple J's "all things automotive" correspondent from 2001 to 2003.

He rejoined John Mellor in early 2003 and has been with GoAutoMedia as a senior product and industry journalist ever since.

With an eye for detail and a vast knowledge base of both new and used cars Byron lives and breathes motoring.

His encyclopedic knowledge of cars was acquired from childhood by reading just about every issue of every car magazine ever to hit a newsstand in Australia.

The child Byron was the consummate car spotter, devoured and collected anything written about cars that he could lay his hands on and by nine had driven more imaginary miles at the wheel of the family Ford Falcon in the driveway at home than many people drive in a lifetime.

The teenage Byron filled in the agonising years leading up to getting his driver's license by reading the words of the leading motoring editors of the country and learning what they look for in a car and how to write it.

In short, Byron loves cars and knows pretty much all there is to know about every vehicle released during his lifetime as well as most of the ones that were around before then.

The demise of the old Accent in 2019 left us with very few disappointing Hyundais – with the previous (2017-2021) Kona being one of them. A busy ride, lots of noise and cheap bits inside made the divisively designed crossover feel way less than the sum of its parts, which happened to be based on...Read more
Skoda’s retired nameplate list has grown to three in its 14 years in Australia under Volkswagen: Roomster, Yeti and – most recently – Rapid. Three interesting, offbeat sales losers. Replacing the latter for 2021 is Scala. Based on the early 2010s VW Polo but stretched and packaged as a family small...Read more
Welcome to one of the world’s tiniest SUVs, as well as amongst Australia’s cheapest – Suzuki’s diminutive Ignis. There’s an Aussie connection. Holden designer Peter Hughes styled the original YG Cruze based on the first (FH) Ignis of 2000, with both models sharing most components underneath; but...Read more

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You can plot the moment when Honda’s mainstream range’s accent switched from Japanese to American. After unprecedented success with the first few generations of Civic and Accord Stateside, the mid-‘90s ushered in larger versions of both, including a high-riding wagon iteration of the former known,...Read more

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