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Best utes arriving in 2020

The new-generation Isuzu D-Max is one of the most anticipated ute releases of 2020.

Utes are big business. You needn’t look any further than the two best-selling models in Australia, the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger, for proof of that fact.

As such, it goes without saying any ute launch is a big deal. And while 2020 is looking like a quiet year on that front, some key releases are locked in.

In fact, we’d go as far to say that two in particular are of high interest, one of which could play a key role in a brand’s return to relevance.

Great Wall Cannon – Second half

The Cannon was expected to arrive in Australia as early as this month, but the pandemic is understood to have pushed those plans back.

Great Wall will have its second crack at selling a ute in Australia when it releases the new Cannon in the second half of 2020.

That said, the Steed 'successor' might not be even called Cannon upon launch, with Poer a strong possibility.

Either way, the Cannon/Poer will be a serious step in the right direction for Great Wall, which will once again try to stand out from the ute crowd.


Based on Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Isuzu D-Max – Second half

The current Isuzu D-Max has been around for a while and has done very well for itself considering its age. But, as they say, father time is undefeated, and its number is soon to be up.

Enter the next-generation D-Max due in showrooms in the second half of 2020. There’s no doubting it’s a huge step up from its predecessor when it comes to off-road capability, engine outputs and interior comfort.

In fact, we’d wager the D-Max will shoot even further up the sales charts when its reborn, as it’s certainly on the right track.

Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu D-Max
Based on Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Jeep Gladiator – May

It’s finally upon us. After years of speculation, Jeep has officially whacked a tub onto the back of a Wrangler and created a pick-up named Gladiator, with it due in May.

While we’re sure it will have Russell Crowe’s stamp of approval, the Gladiator is sure to catch the attention of several ute buyers looking for a little bit of utility.

Either way, the Gladiator will stand out in the crowd thanks to its sheer enormity, helping it to dwarf key rivals on the road. Time will tell if it outsells them, too.

Mazda BT-50 – Second half

Mazda is gearing up to launch the new-generation BT-50 in the second half of 2020, and needless to say, it's long overdue.

Unlike its Ford Ranger-based predecessor, the incoming BT-50 will share its oily bits with the aforementioned D-Max.

While we haven't actually seen the upcoming BT-50, it's reasonable to expect it will be a generational leap of monumental proportions.

Mazda BT-50

Mazda BT-50
Based on Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

Toyota HiLux – Late 2020

Not wanting to be left out, Toyota will get in on the ute action with a significant facelift of Australia's best-selling new vehicle, the HiLux.

An upgraded 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine with more power and torque is on the cards for the new HiLux alongside revised exterior styling.

Better yet, the facelifted HiLux will finally get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support as part of its much-needed cabin overhaul.

Volkswagen Amarok V6 – February

Australia asked, and Volkswagen delivered: A manual version of Volkswagen’s popular Amarok V6 will enter showrooms in February.

The Amarok V6 has been a favourite since its launch, but it's lacked three pedals and a dual-range transfer case… until now.

There is one downside, though, Amarok V6’s six-speed manual transmission only supports a detuned version of its hard-hitting 3.0-litre turbo-diesel unit. That said, 165kW/500Nm is still plenty.