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Articles by Justin Hilliard

Justin Hilliard

Justin Hilliard

Deputy News Editor

For some people, cars are about getting from A to B, but the same isn’t true for Justin Hilliard, who has a genuine emotional connection with them that just can’t be shaked.

Like most enthusiasts, he grew up reading car magazines and attending local motor shows (yes, they were once a thing in Australia), which only made his love for all things on four wheels grow stronger.

And given they say if choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, you’d assume he would’ve pursed a career in the automotive industry … but he didn’t.

That said, after several years working as a computer technician, he gave into the inevitable and decided to study journalism with a view to write about cars for a living.

What he didn’t realise at the time was how hard it was going to be to make his dream a reality. But a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck helped him quickly landed a job at GoAutoMedia, where he cut his teeth as a motoring journalist.

Now happily calling CarsGuide home, he continues to do what he loves, particularly during the biggest period of change yet for the automotive industry, which is perhaps the most exciting part of all.

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