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Toyota RAV4
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Toyota RAV4 Pricing and Specs

2021 price from

The Toyota RAV4 is available from $31,695 to $50,275 for the 2021 SUV across a range of models.

Way back when city-sized SUVs were literally the size of small cities, Toyota launched something that had never been seen before: a small, compact, urban-focussed SUV called the RAV4. That was back in 1994, introducing the world to the idea of a high-riding city cars that would change the new car market forever. These days, of course, the RAV4 is much bigger, having grown into the medium-sized SUV category where it competes against cars like the Mazda CX-5 and Mitsubishi Outlander. Available in front- or all-wheel drive and with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, the RAV4 is a handsome and capable player in the urban SUV segment.

The RAV4 GX (2WD) starts off at $31,695, while the range-topping, RAV4 Edge (awd) (panoramic Sunroof) is priced at $50,275.

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Year Price From Price To
2021 $31,695 $50,275
2020 $23,100 $50,490
2019 $21,600 $47,410
2018 $19,300 $42,680
2017 $16,800 $38,610
2016 $15,000 $34,980
2015 $13,000 $31,130
2014 $11,700 $28,160
2013 $8,800 $25,960
2012 $7,900 $19,360
2011 $7,200 $17,710
2010 $6,600 $16,060
2009 $6,700 $14,410
2008 $6,000 $12,760
2007 $5,300 $11,220
2006 $4,000 $10,120
2005 $3,700 $8,140
2004 $3,100 $7,150
2003 $2,700 $6,600
2002 $2,600 $6,160
2001 $2,600 $6,160
2000 $2,400 $6,160
1999 $2,400 $5,500
1998 $2,400 $5,500
1997 $2,400 $5,280
1996 $2,400 $5,610
1995 $2,400 $4,840
1994 $2,400 $4,400

Toyota RAV4 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Toyota RAV4 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What wagon should I buy for less than $35000?

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. Our first thought was for you to consider a Mazda 6 wagon from Japan, since it is one of the few new wagons left on offer within your price range, is economical and reliable, a pleasure to drive and low enough (at 1480mm) for your garage situation. But it doesn't quite meet all your requirements in that it hasn't much ground clearance (at just 125mm) and back-seat legroom isn't great. It's worth remembering that the 6 wagon is 80mm shorter in wheelbase - the distance between the front and rear wheels - than the corresponding sedan version. It's a bit tight in there.

    Alternatively, you might want to consider the just-discontinued Holden ZB Commodore wagon or Ford Mondeo wagon, as both offer substantially more rear-seat legroom than the Mazda 6 wagon, as well as the choice of a turbo-petrol or turbo-diesel engines. These are European-sourced models (Germany and Spain respectively), with big boots and towing-friendly torquey engines. However, again, low ground clearances might be an issue here as well.

    So, our advice is to measure your garage roof and see if either of the medium SUVs listed below can fit, because if they do, then these would be the absolutely ideal vehicles for your need.

    The better of the two, for its overall quiet refinement, all-weather all-wheel-drive grip and excellent all-round vision is the Subaru Forester from Japan. It ticks all your boxes in terms of needs and suitability, while providing heaps of ground clearance at 220mm. Plus it offers excellent standard safety kit, economy, reliability and resale, as well as decent performance. Just know that it stands 1730mm tall. If that fits, then find yourself a demo at $35,000 and enjoy one of the best family-car buys at any price available today.

    Then there our second favourite, the wildly-popular Toyota RAV4, also from Japan. Much of what we said about the Forester applies here too, except it is front-wheel drive rather than AWD at your price point. There is a RAV AWD but it is a hybrid AWD system that takes the price into the mid-$40,000 region, so that's out of contention. The base RAV4 2WD also has a smaller engine (at 2.0-litres) than the Subaru, but it is equally response and agile. Where the RAV4 eclipses the Forester from your perspective is height – it is shorter at 1685mm high, while still allowing 195mm ground clearance.

    Both Japanese SUVs are huge inside, with loads of space to boot. If their height doesn't end up being a problem, then know that either will provide many years of faultless, reliable, economical and enjoyable service. Good luck, we hope this helps. 

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  • What is the recommended height and weight of a driver for a 2010 Toyota RAV4?

    Car makers do not publish driver height or weight recommendations, but instead usually develop vehicles to suit the height of a 99th percentile male (193cm) down to a 5th percentile woman (150cm).

    For shorter-statured people, both the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Camry offer seat-height and steering-wheel reach and height adjustment, meaning that there should be no issue finding a comfortable seating position. However, given that SUVs such as the RAV4 generally have a larger and deeper glass area as well as higher-set cushions than sedans like the Camry, we recommend the RAV4.

    We hope this information helps.

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  • Should I buy a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V?

    You really need to go out and test drive both vehicles, because they both have their plusses and minuses and those will be graded according to your personal preferences. Overall, the RAV4 is a bigger vehicle (almost as big as the original Kluger, in fact) so that might come into the reckoning based purely on the size of your parking space at home.

    The RAV4 rides a bit more softly but your choice of the range-topping VTi-LX in the Honda is a good one because that’s the only model in the line-up that includes autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping and adaptive cruise-control. That said, the RAV4 has all those features, too, but extends them to the bulk of the models offered, not just the top-spec version.

    On warranty and fuel economy, both compare pretty closely, so it will come down to the little things that you personally find important; things like the Honda’s doors that open almost to 90-degrees and the Toyota’s vast rear seat legroom and cavernous luggage space. Over to you.

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