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Mini Countryman

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The Mini Countryman is a small, prestige SUV that is based on the Mini Cooper hatchback.

Originally introduced to the Australian market in 2011, the Mini Countryman rivals both other prestige suvs - such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1, BMW X2, Jaguar E-Pace, and Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class – and high-end versions of the Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Kona, Mazda CX-3, and Peugeot 3008.

Mini offers both efficient turbo-diesel, and punchy turbo-petrol engines for the Countryman; all of which are paired with an eight-speed torque converted automatic.

While most models get front-wheel drive, the top-of-the-range $77,990 Countryman SE ALL4 JCW Sport (bev) gets all-wheel drive.

Prices for the Countryman start at $45,000 for the Countryman Cooper Classic.


Mini Countryman Models Price and Specs

The price range for the Mini Countryman varies based on the trim level you choose. Starting at $45,000 and going to $77,990 for the latest year the model was manufactured. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below.

Year Body Type Specs Price from Price to
2024 SUV 1.5L, —, AUTO SP $45,000 $77,990
2023 SUV 1.5L, PULP, AUTO SP $41,580 $80,080
2022 SUV 1.5L, PULP $41,470 $79,970
2021 SUV 1.5L, PULP $40,260 $78,320
2020 SUV 1.5L, PULP, 7 SP AUTO $30,800 $73,480
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Mini Countryman Colours

Depending on the trim, the Countryman comes in Midnight Black, Nanuq White, Chilli Red, Blazing Blue, British Racing Green, Melting Silver, Smokey Green, and Legend Grey.

  • Midnight Black
  • Melting Silver
  • Chilli Red
  • Blazing Blue
  • Nanuq White
  • Smokey Green
To confirm current colour availability, please check the manufacturer's website.

Mini Countryman Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Mini Countryman here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What is the towing capacity of a 2018 Mini Countryman?

    Towing capacities for hybrid vehicles has been a bit of an issue for Australian car buyers for a while now and remains one of the biggest hurdles to ownership of this type of technology. There’s also a fair bit of misinformation around, too, including the fact that hybrids can’t tow at all. That’s simply not true for some manufacturers, but in this case, it’s a fact.

    While Mini specifies a 1500kg towing limited (with a braked trailer) for its Countryman range, there are exceptions. In fact, Mini does not specify a towing limit for two variants of the Countryman; the sporty John Cooper Works version and, sadly, the plug-in hybrid variant. In fact, there’s not even a factory-option tow-bar listed for those variants, which is another way of saying they’re not designed for towing at all. You may need to look elsewhere.

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  • Which is the biggest Mini Cooper?

    In terms of physical size the five-door Mini Countryman is the largest vehicle in the current Mini fleet.

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  • 2014 Mini Countryman reliability

    You’re looking at a relatively new model so the reliability should be fine, and the maintenance costs should be ok if you use a specialist independent mechanic instead of a dealer.

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  • Countryman run flat tyres

    What he bought is in effect a used car, not a new one, so it might vary from the specifications of a new car. In this case it seems that for some reason the run-flat tyres have been switched for regular tyres. I might speculate that as it was a demo vehicle the salespeople demonstrating it might have wanted a softer ride to impress potential buyers than the ride it would have if it were on the run-flats. But that’s me being cynical. Your son should go back to the dealer personally and talk to them face-to-face about his issue and request that they either replace the damaged tyre and provide him with a spare, or fit run-flat tyres as he believes it would have had. The alternative is to carry a can of pump-up foam in the car, which would get him out of trouble in the case of a puncture.

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Mini Countryman Accessories

Standard gear in the Countryman includes a 9.5-inch OLED screen, six-speaker audio system, sport seats and steering wheel, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charging, home and public charging cables, head-up display, dual-zone climate control, heated steering wheel, automatic tailgate with a kick function and digital radio.

Mini Countryman Interior

The Mini Countryman's interior has grown significantly compared with the previous model because the exterior has grown - it's 130mm longer and 60mm taller than the old model. As a result there is more legroom. Headroom is ample. Mini is using reclaimed materials for some interior details on the dash and door inserts and some of the seats.

Mini Countryman Dimensions

The dimensions of the Mini Countryman SUV vary according to year of manufacture and spec level.

Year Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
2024 SUV 1557x1822x4297 mm 165 mm
2023 SUV 1557x1822x4297 mm 165 mm
2022 SUV 1557x1822x4297 mm 165 mm
2021 SUV 1557x1822x4297 mm 165 mm
2020 SUV 1557x1822x4299 mm 165 mm
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Mini Countryman Dimensions

Mini Countryman Boot Space

Petrol Countrymans can swallow 505 litres in the boot, increasing to 1530 with the seconds row folded. The electric models drop to 460L and 1450L with the rear row stowed.

Mini Countryman Seats

The Mini Countryman has five seats and there is no longer an option for leather upholstery. It is cloth or synthetic materials like fake leather for this generation.

Mini Countryman Engine

The Countryman C is powered by a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine offering up power and torque of 125kW/280Nm. It is front-wheel drive and, like all petrol Countrymans, uses a seven-speed dual-clutch transmmission.

The Countryman S uses a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol with outputs of 160kW/360Nm driving all four wheels. The John Cooper Works gets an uprated version of that powertrain but outputs 233kW/400Nm.

The Countryman E is a single-motor EV with 150kW/250Nm and the SE pumps out 230kW/494Nm from its dual-motor setup. Both have a 64kWh lithium battery.

Mini Countryman Fuel Consumption

The Mini Countryman is available in a number of variants and body types that are powered by Electric, —, Hyb/PULP, PULP, Hyb/ULP and Diesel fuel type(s). It has an estimated fuel consumption starting from 6.3L/100km for SUV /— for the latest year the model was manufactured.

Year Body Type Fuel Consumption* Engine Fuel Type Transmission
2024 SUV Electric 7 SP AUTO
2024 SUV 6.3L/100km 1.5L AUTO SP
2023 SUV 2.4L/100km 1.5L Hyb/PULP 6 SP AUTO
2023 SUV 6.3L/100km 1.5L PULP AUTO SP
2022 SUV 2.4L/100km 1.5L Hyb/PULP 6 SP AUTO
2022 SUV 6.3L/100km 1.5L PULP
2021 SUV 2.4L/100km 1.5L Hyb/PULP 6 SP AUTO
2021 SUV 6.3L/100km 1.5L PULP
2020 SUV 2.4L/100km 1.5L Hyb/PULP 6 SP AUTO
2020 SUV 2.5L/100km 1.5L Hyb/ULP 6 SP AUTO
2020 SUV 4.8L/100km 2.0L Diesel 8 SP AUTO
2020 SUV 6.3L/100km 1.5L PULP 7 SP AUTO
* Combined fuel consumption See All Mini Countryman Pricing and Specs for 2024

Mini Countryman Towing Capacity

The Mini Countryman has maximum towing capacity of 1500kg for the latest model available.

Year Body Type Braked Capacity from Braked Capacity to
2024 SUV 0kg 1500kg
2023 SUV 0kg 1500kg
2022 SUV 0kg 1500kg
2021 SUV 0kg 1500kg
2020 SUV 1500kg 1500kg
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Mini Countryman Speed

The Countryman Cooper S 0-100km/h time is 7.5 seconds and the SE Hybrid can dash from 0-100km/h in 6.8 seconds.

Mini Countryman Wheel Size

The Mini Countryman has a number of different wheel and tyre options. When it comes to tyres, these range from 225x55 R17 for SUV in 2024.

Year Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
2024 SUV 225x55 R17 225x55 R17
2023 SUV 225x55 R17 225x55 R17
2022 SUV 225x55 R17 225x55 R17
2021 SUV 225x55 R17 9 225x55 R17 9
2020 SUV 225x50 R18 18x7.5 inches 225x50 R18 18x7.5 inches
The dimensions shown above are for the base model. See All Mini Countryman Wheel Sizes

Mini Countryman Range

Fuel consumption is 6.8L/100km for the Countryman C, 7.6L for the S, and the JCW doesn't have a figure yet.

The Countryman E's driving range is 460km (WLTP) and the SE is 430km. There are no efficiency figures available for the E but the SE uses 16.8-18.5kWh/100km.