Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR is a funky small SUV which arrived in Australia in February 2017.

C-HR stands for ‘Coupe High Rider’ and the surprisingly adventurous styling for the usually-conservative Toyota is intended to attract younger buyers. It also sits pretty much half-way between the Corolla and RAV4.

Currently, the range extends from the C-HR (2WD) which arrives at $26,990 and reaches up to the C-HR KOBA (AWD) which lists at $35,290.

From launch, the C-HR was available in just two variants, the base-spec and the flagship Koba. It could also be optioned with either a front- or all-wheel drive. It also arrived with manual availability for the base model, with all other variants paired with a CVT auto.

This vehicle is also known as Toyota IZOA (China FAW-Toyota).

Toyota C-HR Reviews

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Toyota C-HR 2017 review

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