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Toyota C-HR
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Toyota C-HR Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Toyota C-HR is available from $30,915 to $38,440 for the 2022 SUV across a range of models.

Toyota’s C-HR is a small SUV which focuses more on a particular urban style than chasing budget buyers as so many rivals in this segment do. As such, the small coupe-styled SUV’s limited range starts at $30,915 for the C-HR GXL (2WD) and reaches up to a not insignificant $38,440 for the C-HR Koba (2WD) TWO Tone Hybrid.

Surprisingly for the normally hybrid-obsessed Toyota, the C-HR arrived with only a single engine option, despite more powerful and hybrid versions rapidly becoming available overseas in markets like the United Kingdom and Japan.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $30,915 $38,440
2021 $25,400 $41,800
2020 $23,200 $39,160
2019 $19,300 $36,850
2018 $17,600 $32,120
2017 $16,100 $29,260

Toyota C-HR FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Toyota C-HR here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Toyota C-HR 2017: How do I change the language in my car?

    I’ll assume you had a good poke around the various settings menus before contacting us, Sweta, so I’ll skip that part of the advice. But from what I can gather, your privately-imported car may not actually have the functionality to switch to an English-language format.

    Different markets have different specifications for this and sometimes the same vehicle can be built in two (or more) different factories around the world. Certainly, if the car you own had been destined for a market outside Japan, it would have had multi-lingual abilities. But, if it was only ever destined for the Japanese home market, there’s a big chance it only has Japanese programmed into it.

    If that’s the case, you might find you need to change the entire head unit. That might be wise anyway, as some Japanese radio stations operate on a wave-length that isn’t used in Australia. Basically, this is another of the pitfalls of parallel-imported cars.

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  • Should I buy the Toyota C-HR Hybrid of the Camry HL Hybrid?

    Unfortunately the C-HR Hybrid isn't yet on sale in Australia, though it is likely to be available here in 2020.

    If you can't wait that long, the Corolla Hybrid could be a great option for you. That is, unless you need a big back seat, a big boot or a full size spare wheel... You only get a full size spare on the top-spec ZR, which is beyond the budget, and no Corolla hatch has a big back seat or boot. There is a Corolla sedan coming in November, which will have a big boot and bigger back seat. 

    The Camry Hybrid is a much bigger car, and offers a lot more accommodation as a result. It's a big, lovely car - one we'd wholeheartedly recommend. And you should be able to fine one under $30k less than 12 months old. 

    Otherwise, check out the Corolla Hybrid (SX would be our recommendation), and you might even be able to get one brand new within your budget.

    Test drive them both, and let us know how you go!

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  • What cars are easy to get in and out of?

    It’s a common problem for us as we get older, but there are no sedans or hatches that have the sort of higher driving seat that you want. The best option would be a small SUV, such as a Holden Trax, Toyota C-HR, Ford Kuga, or Suzuki S-Cross.

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