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Sedans over $80k

Our best sedan over $80k picks

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

What we like

  • Partially automated driving tech
  • High level of safety
  • All-round refinement

What we don't

  • Looks like the C- and S-class now
  • Media controller functionality

BMW 5 Series

What we like

  • Engaging dynamics
  • Top-notch interiors
  • Clever technology across the range

What we don't

  • Price hikes on almost every model
  • Six-cylinder engine reserved for most expensive models
  • Apple CarPlay a cost option

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

What we like

  • Amazing autonomous tech
  • Brilliant new diesel engine
  • Comfort doesn't get more... comfortable

What we don't

  • Eye-watering price tag
  • It's a BIG car
  • Not much storage up front

BMW 7 Series

What we like

  • Supremely comfortable but still agile
  • Excellent active swaybars and dampers
  • Impressive new convenience tech

What we don't

  • Gesture Control more clunky than buttons
  • Big price jump for the V8
  • Night vision doesn't trigger AEB

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