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Sedans starting under $25k

Our best sedan under $25k picks

Mazda 3

What we like

  • Solid pedigree
  • The new Mazda3 is better than ever

What we don't

  • We'd love to see a RWD version again

Skoda Octavia

What we like

  • Smart, talented and practical
  • It's different without being risky

What we don't

  • No DSG option will limit sales
  • Some interior features no longer standard

Honda Civic

What we like

  • Looks are good (or bad)
  • Suspension and steering are both terrific
  • Plenty of legroom in the rear seat

What we don't

  • CVT drones at pace
  • Standard safety lacking on base models
  • RS is noisy on the wrong road surfaces

Subaru Impreza

What we like

  • New platform
  • Good interior
  • Good value, especially safety gear

What we don't

  • Slow
  • Small fuel tank
  • Space saver spare

Hyundai Elantra

What we like

  • Styling
  • Zesty engine
  • Value

What we don't

  • Rear-three quarter angle looks a bit sad
  • Interior and touchpoints feel a bit cheap
  • Manual is more fun but no one will buy one

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