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Hybrid Sedans

BMW 5 Series

What we like

  • Subtle hybrid colour coding
  • Silent operation suits 5 Series limo nature
  • Same price as 530i

What we don't

  • Boot capacity reduced
  • Electric-only range is just 30km
  • Charge used quickly in hilly areas

Lexus IS

What we like

  • New looks at machismo and presence
  • Updated electronics nets safety gains

What we don't

  • Foot-operated parking brake
  • Voice control system not brilliant

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

What we like

  • Amazing autonomous tech
  • Brilliant new diesel engine
  • Comfort doesn't get more... comfortable

What we don't

  • Eye-watering price tag
  • It's a BIG car
  • Not much storage up front

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