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Large Sedans

Skoda Superb

What we like

  • Subtle good looks
  • Stands apart from the rabble
  • Performance and handling to match

What we don't

  • Badge can work against it
  • Thirstier than its claimed fuel economy
  • Misses out on full engine tune

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

What we like

  • Partial automated driving
  • Comfortable ride
  • Beautiful cabin

What we don't

  • No longer has a unique look in the Benz line-up
  • More expensive than outgoing model
  • Doesn’t get leather interior as standard

BMW 5 Series

What we like

  • Engaging dynamics
  • Top-notch interiors
  • Clever technology across the range

What we don't

  • Price hikes on almost every model
  • Six-cylinder engine reserved for most expensive models
  • Apple CarPlay a cost option

Hyundai Genesis

What we like

  • Price and safety
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Noise and vibration reduced to impressively low leevels

What we don't

  • Weight
  • 11-13L per 100 kilometres in suburban day-to-day running

Volvo S90

What we like

  • Distinctive Scandinavian design offers something different
  • Relatively quiet and refined
  • No shortage of luggage space

What we don't

  • Current engine options lack punch
  • Tech pack includes options that should be standard
  • No electric steering adjust at this price?

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