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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S can turn heads at 200 metres, even though it can't be heard from 10 metres away.

The four door coupe EV has put Tesla on the map with prodigious performance from its twin electric motors and a high-tech interior, as well as an electric range that can top 550km on a single charge. Is Australia ready for an electric vehicle revolution? Tesla is forging ahead with an array of fast-charger stations around the country, and you can now drive a Tesla from Melbourne to Sydney with ease, thanks to stations located up and down the east coast.

Current prices range from $108,100 for the Model S STANDARD RANGE to $192,900 for the Model S P100 D.​

This vehicle is also known as Code name: WhiteStar.

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Range and Specs

100D —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $141,400 2019 Tesla Model S 100D Pricing and Specs
75D —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $117,900 2019 Tesla Model S 75D Pricing and Specs
P100 D —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $192,900 2019 Tesla Model S P100 D Pricing and Specs
LONG RANGE —, EV, 1 SP AUTO $124,900 2019 Tesla Model S LONG RANGE Pricing and Specs

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