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Fuel-efficient Sedans

BMW 3 Series

What we like

  • It's just a 3 series, only silent
  • Lovely chassis
  • Sensible electric range

What we don't

  • Tiny fuel tank
  • Some ludicrous option prices
  • Cost of fast-charge wall box ($1750)

BMW 7 Series

What we like

  • Supremely comfortable but still agile
  • Excellent active swaybars and dampers
  • Impressive new convenience tech

What we don't

  • Gesture Control more clunky than buttons
  • Big price jump for the V8
  • Night vision doesn't trigger AEB

BMW 5 Series

What we like

  • Classy and understated design
  • Price and spec bang-on petrol equivalent
  • Seamless transition from EV to petrol

What we don't

  • Softer than petrol-powered sibling
  • Boot smaller due to batteries
  • Hard to match fuel claims in real world

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

What we like

  • C63 AMG aside, this is now the performance champion of the C-Class range
  • Plenty of tech

What we don't

  • Price difference to a regular petrol-powered car

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