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Coupes over $100k

Ferrari 488

What we like

  • Monstrous torque
  • Incredible dynamics
  • Quality (in every sense of the word)

What we don't

  • Breathtaking option prices
  • Some shake on rough surfaces
  • Atmo engine noise MIA

Lamborghini Huracan

What we like

  • Soaring V10
  • Seven-speed gearbox
  • Even more fun than all-wheel-drive Huracan

What we don't

  • Lack of second screen makes dash a bit crowded
  • Not much storage
  • Can't see the engine

McLaren 540C

What we like

  • Brilliant dynamics
  • Impressive performance
  • (Relatively) approachable price

What we don't

  • Tricky entry/egress
  • Drinks a bit when pushed (don't we all)
  • Practicality not a strong suit

Porsche 911

What we like

  • Steering
  • Ride and handling
  • Engine

What we don't

  • Price
  • Turbo whistle
  • Cabrio and Targa versions too soft/quiet

Mercedes-AMG GT S 2018 review

What we like

  • It's fast
  • Bellowing exhaust
  • Sharp dynamics

What we don't

  • Harsh ride
  • Road rumble
  • Modest cabin storage

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