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Midsize Coupes

Audi A5

What we like

  • Beautiful coupe design
  • Refined cabin
  • Cool tech

What we don't

  • Lacks a little urgency
  • Rear passengers an afterthought
  • You can hear the kids complaining in the back

Mercedes-Benz C63

What we like

  • Extra kit includes incredible carbon brakes
  • Adds another layer to an already amazing car

What we don't

  • Stripe kit not to everyone's taste

BMW 4 series

What we like

  • It’s BMW’s sexiest coupe this side of an M badge
  • New turbo straight six is a real gem

What we don't

  • Larger rims and stiffer suspension can spoil the ride
  • Steering feel just not there

Ford Mustang

What we like

  • great styling, a blend of past and present.
  • Responds well to inputs.
  • The V8 burble.

What we don't

  • Rear seat is cramped.
  • massive 18 month waiting list.
  • Tyres are noisy on concrete roads.

Porsche 911

What we like

  • Steering
  • Ride and handling
  • Engine

What we don't

  • Price
  • Turbo whistle
  • Cabrio and Targa versions too soft/quiet

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