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Audi RS Range 2014 Review

2014 BMW M4 vs C63 AMG vs Nissan GT-R vs Audi RS5 review

Stuart Martin and Cara Jenkin compare the BMW M4 against the Mercedes-Benz...Read more

2014 Audi RS5 Convertible Review

Late in 2013 yet another variant was added to the very successful Audi '5...Read more

2014 Audi RS5 Coupe Cabriolet Review

You've got to respect Audi for their commitment in producing 'only' soft...Read more

Audi RS5 Convertible 2014 Review

Audi has added a convertible version of its sports RS 5 to the coupe that...Read more

2012 Audi RS5 Coupe Review

Late last year the Australian motoring media were let loose in a range of...Read more

Audi RS5 Coupe 2012 Review

Two sports coupes released within weeks of each other represent...Read more

Audi RS5 Coupe Review 2012

Audi has stunned with a massive $13,500 reduction in its hot-headed RS 5...Read more

2011 Audi RS5 Review

Audi and several other brands all use varying incarnations of the RS logo...Read more

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