If you think about it, Audi’s high performance machinery tends to buck bodystyle convention.

Arguably the coolest cars in the lineup are station wagons - a bodystyle seemingly destined for extinction with the Gremlin-like multiplication of SUVs. Go on, argue against the je ne sais quoi of the RS 4 and RS 6.

Yes, the R8 at the very top of the tree is the ideal layout for performance, but the previous RS 5 was the brand’s first front-engined proper hi-po coupe in 2010, and the Ur-Quattro that started it all was a three door liftback.

On the other hand, the German competition from BMW and Mercedes built their performance pedigrees on conventional coupes and sedans, a lot like the US and Australia.

These days the other premium brands will make you a very fast mid-sizer in most shapes, but not a liftback.

I’m yet to see the word ‘liftback’ appear on any car nut’s Christmas list, but Audi has now lived up to its convention-bucking reputation, with the five-door RS 5 Sportback continuing the tradition started by the RS 7 Sportback and sitting alongside the RS 5 Coupe and RS 4 Avant mechanical twins.

We were among the first to drive the closest thing (on paper) to the original Quattro at its Australian launch this month. We’re already big fans of the RS 5 Coupe and RS 4 Avant, so expectations were high.