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Performance Coupes

Ferrari 488

What we like

  • The power, the speed, the power, the noise. Just wow.
  • Amazing brakes.
  • The looks. Turns heads like a well wielded chainsaw.

What we don't

  • The price, and the options pricing in particular. Absurd.
  • The noise. It's still great, but it used to be better. Blame turbocharging.
  • The looks. Yes, it's fierce and fast looking but the 458 was more beautiful.

Lamborghini Huracan

What we like

  • Extremely fast
  • Very focused
  • Heaps of fun

What we don't

  • No carbon-ceramic brakes

McLaren 540C

What we like

  • Fantastic engine
  • Great transmission
  • Excellent steering

What we don't

  • Quality a bit iffy
  • The suspension bangs loudly
  • Question mark over resale value

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