Toyota Supra

Toyota's two-door Supra sports car had a long and interesting life in the Australian market, before going off sale in 2002. But all reports point to the Supra making a comeback as early as 2018.

In a similar plan that Toyota has with Subaru for the 86/BRZ twins, Toyota has partnered with BMW to help the German company build its next generation Z4 sports car. In return, Toyota has suddenly found itself with the ideal platform on which to build not just a successor to the swoopy, stylish Supra, but the next 86, as well.

This vehicle is also known as Toyota Celica XX (until 1986), Toyota Celica Supra.

Toyota Supra Reviews


Toyota Supra 2019 review

Sports car enthusiasts have been waiting for the return of the Toyota Supra, and we've finally driven a pre-production prototype version on road and track. Feels like the start of something special.Read more
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1993 Hatchback - Discontinued Apr 1993
Turbo Hardtop
Market Price
$4,290 – 6,270
ANCAP Rating
1993 Hatchback - Discontinued Apr 1993
Turbo Targa
Market Price
$4,510 – 6,600
ANCAP Rating