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How long is the wait time for these small cars in Australia right now? Update on Toyota Corolla, MG 3, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf and more delivery times

Small cars like the Toyota Corolla are not as popular as they used to be, but are still in demand.

Anyone in the market for a new car right now knows how challenging it can be to get into a new model immediately.

A high number of variants of most top models are on backorder with customers facing lengthy wait times, in some cases more than a year.

However, there are some instances where particular grades of certain models can be found at local dealerships now, meaning no wait times.

Back in May we detailed the current availability of medium SUVs from mainstream brands.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the small passenger car segment. Small hatchbacks and sedans aren’t as popular as they once were, and there are far fewer models on offer compared with a decade ago.

Small cars and light cars remain a popular choice for people that don’t need a jacked-up ride height and additional space of an SUV.

So which light and small cars are available in dealerships now and which ones have wait times? We have asked each of the mainstream brands with offerings in the light and small segments what supply is like right now, and this is what we discovered.

Fiat 500

Fiat has been badly impacted by the global supply shortage and shipping delays. Its tiny 500 hatch and sporty Abarth sibling are both victims of this issue, but a local spokesperson said supply would improve for both models later this year. Your local Fiat dealer is the best place to start for more information.

Timing is uncertain for the new Ford Focus ST.

Ford Fiesta and Focus

Ford now only sells hot hatch versions of its Fiesta ST light hatch and Focus ST small hatch in Australia and both are facing delays, according to Ford Australia.

The freshly updated Fiesta ST will start to roll in from the fourth quarter of this year, but the company says “specifications may be subject to change”.

Timing for the facelifted Focus ST is unclear at this stage, with Ford confirming that the German-built performance hatch has experienced “significant manufacturing challenges impacting existing and new customer orders for MY2022 models”.

More details on Focus ST timing will be made available soon, Ford says, and there is now a page on its Australian site with information for customers about the delays.

Honda Civic

Honda says its dealer network currently has “reasonably good supply” of the Civic hatch, that’s available in one VTi-LX model grade, for now.

In fact, thanks to its new centralised stock management system that makes fulfilling customer orders easier, there is currently only a two-to-three-week wait on a new Civic, depending on the colour chosen and delivery location.

There's some immediate availability for the Hyundai i30, depending on the variant.

Hyundai i20, i30 and Ioniq

Hyundai has three models in the light and small segment and the company says wait times and availability in dealerships will vary depending on the model and variant.

The order time for existing i30 hatch and sedan orders is less than three months, but a new order from now could take longer than three months to be delivered. There are, however, examples of the i30 in some dealerships now if you’re keen.

If you’ve already ordered the popular i20 N hot hatch, chances are you’re currently waiting and it could be between two and 12 months. If you order one right now, it won’t be with you for at least a year as a worst case scenario.

The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric hatch is in runout as it’s been discontinued, and there is minimal stock remaining in dealerships.

There's a bit of a wait on higher-grade Rios like the GT-Line.

Kia Picanto, Rio and Cerato

The wait times for Kia’s smaller offerings, the Picanto micro car, Rio light hatch and Cerato hatch and sedan, are worse for the top-spec variants - the Rio GT-Line and Cerato GT.

Kia Australia says there is a small amount of available stock on the ground for all three models with the majority of supply focused on fulfilling backorders. A spokesperson said it is hard to accurately give precise wait times given the constantly changing production situation.


While there could be some stock of the Mazda3 hatch and sedan in some dealers, a company spokesperson encouraged keen buyers to speak directly with their dealer to confirm availability and delivery estimates for their preferred model.

“We are focused on delivering customer orders and meeting demand for top-selling models, with a view to further improving stock availability within this year,” the spokesperson said.

There is no wait time for the top-selling MG3 light hatch.


One model that has ample availability is the MG3. The MG3 is currently the top-selling light car in Australia by a country mile and is priced at the affordable end of the segment from $18,490 drive-away. And according to a company spokesperson, there is stock throughout MG’s Australian dealer network right now.

Skoda Scala

It might not be a top-seller but the Skoda Scala has Volkswagen Polo underpinnings and a European badge, and it currently has a four-month wait, but the situation is improving, according to a Skoda spokesperson.

Suzuki Baleno and Swift

According to sales figures released this week, the ageing Suzuki Baleno is hot property right now, with sales up 195 per cent over last June. The Indian-made hatch is in runout and Suzuki Australia has confirmed that production has ended for the current version. They added that the final months of allocation have arrived and the Baleno is likely to sell out for good in quarter four. So get in quick if you want a Baleno.

Supply is not so good for the Swift hatch at the moment, and while Suzuki did not supply wait times, a spokesperson said supply is set to improve in this half of the year.

You could wait up to four months for a new Subaru WRX.

Subaru Impreza and WRX

Much like most brands on this list, Subaru Australia says wait times depend on the colour and variant chosen.

While there is generally a one-to four-month wait on the recently launched WRX sports sedan and wagon, there is some unsold stock currently in some dealerships.

A new Impreza hatch or sedan also has a wait time of approximately four months.

Toyota Yaris and Corolla

Market leader Toyota has the best-selling small car in the country in the Corolla hatch and sedan, but the company can’t provide specific wait times for that model or the Yaris light hatch.

Toyota said in a statement that wait times “vary depending on the model, variant and specification requirements of each customer. The RAV4 Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, LandCruiser 70 and LandCruiser 300 are in particularly high demand and currently have longer wait times.”

The company suggests contacting specific dealers for more specific information regarding timing.

Volkswagen Polo and Golf

Finally Volkswagen customers face a wait of about two-to-three months for a new Polo light hatch - potentially longer for the GTI - while the Golf will take about four months to be delivered. Golf R-Line and Golf R may take longer, according to the carmaker.

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