Hyundai i20

The i20 was one of Hyundai's smallest forays into the exceptionally competitive Australian light car market.

The European-built i20 was introduced in 2010 in a soft takeover of the Korean-sourced Getz, and was a vital part of Hyundai's shift from a brand that made cheap cars to a brand that made good-value cars. Prices ranged from $15,590 for the i20 ACTIVE to $19,590 for the i20 ELITE. As popular as the i20 was, the weakening Australian dollar meant that Hyundai could no longer turn a profit on the tiny city hatchback and the model was dropped from the Australian line-up in 2015. The i20 has been replaced by the Korean-built Hyundai Accent.

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2016 Hatchback
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$13,750 – 18,040
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2016 Hatchback
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$15,730 – 20,130
ANCAP Rating

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