Nobody’s ever likely to give you a hard time for buying a Subaru Forester. If anything, you’ll get a respectful, knowing nod from the resident know-it-all at the backyard barbie or dining table. 

That’s because the Forester has earned a reputation as one of the original and best mid-sized SUVs out there, morphing from all-wheel drive (AWD) station wagon to what it looks like today.

That you’re interested not in the top-of-the-range car, but the grade below it, the 2.5i Premium, is also a clever move.

Case closed, then? Well, not so fast, because there are some idiosyncratic elements the majority of Forester 2.5i Premium owners will have to get used to. 

So, along with all its excellent traits, here’s the rest of the Forester's personality profile, including the things you should probably keep to yourself rather than give the know-it-all at the end of the dinner table something to look smug about.