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Articles by Richard Berry

Richard Berry

Richard Berry

Senior Journalist

Richard had wanted to be an astrophysicist since he was a small child. He was so determined that he made it through two years of a physics degree, despite zero mathematical ability. Unable to build a laser in an exam and failing to solve the theoretical challenge of keeping a satellite in orbit, his professor noted the success Richard was enjoying in the drama and writing courses he had been doing on the side.

Even though Richard couldn’t see how a degree in story-telling and pretending would ever get him a job, he completed one anyway. Richard has since been a best-selling author and a journalist for 20 years, writing about science, music, finance, cars, TV, art, film, cars, theatre, architecture, food, and cars. He also really likes cars, and has owned an HQ ute, Citroen 2CV, XW Falcon, CV8 Monaro and currently, a 1951 Ford Tudor.

A husband and dad, Richard’s hobbies also include astronomy.

Does the Toyota Supra call your name in the night? It calls mine. It whispers things. Tries to convince me that despite living in an apartment with my family only seven kilometres from the city it'd be perfect for us. Of course, when it's daytime and I'm thinking straight I know a sports car in the...Read more
The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4Matic+ as a family car? Really? A 500-horsepower turbo-petrol V8 SUV which can throw its 2.0-tonne weight from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds? Yes, please! That’s right, the GLC 63 S may not be for every family, but it was for mine when it came to stay with us for a week. The...Read more
So, you’re considering the Ford Everest Sport 4x4 as a family car? Is it a good choice? Well, it came to live with my family for two weeks and you’ll know if it will suit yours after you read this review. The Everest is an SUV based on the Ford Ranger ute , in the same way Toyota's Fortuner is...Read more
It’s a Toyota Corolla and it’s a hybrid - could there be a more urban-ready car? Well, this is the Corolla SX Hybrid sedan. Yes, the sedan , not the hatch . And that means it’s longer end-to-end than the hatch. Not only that, it’s missing something at either end which I reckon is vital for urban...Read more
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The best-selling car in Australia is not a car, it’s a ute - the Toyota HiLux. So, it’s a sure bet that not all of them are turning up to worksites, but are instead being used as family taxis. Double cab 4x4 utes like the HiLux SR5 I tested are popular for families because they have four doors,...Read more
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