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2022 Mazda Australia models including CX-5, BT-50, CX-30, MX-5 and Mazda3 all move up in price

Mazda’s CX-5 mid-size SUV range now kicks off from $32,390 BOCs.

Mazda Australia is the latest mainstream brand to raise prices range wide as the automotive industry grapples with ongoing supply chain issues and rising logistics prices.

In the case of Mazda, popular models like the CX-5, Mazda3, BT-50, CX-30, Mazda2, MX-5, CX-8 and CX-3 jump up by $200, while the Mazda6 and CX-9 are up by $338.

Officially, Mazda says that “market changes, raw materials and production costs and currency fluctuations among other factors can all affect price setting”, and that the rises came into effect from April 1, 2022.

Starting with the Mazda2, prices now start from $21,390 for the manual G15 Pure hatchback, topping out at $26,490 for the fully loaded G15 GT in five-door or sedan bodystyles.

The Mazda3, CX-3, CX-30, CX-5 and CX-8 also jump up by $200, with each respective range now opening at $25,540, $23,390, $29,590, $32,390 and $40,190 each.

The stylish MX-30 meanwhile, also moves up $200, now starting from $34,190, but the top-spec all-electric E35 Astina remains static at $65,490 - the only Mazda model to have its pricing unaffected.

Likewise, the MX-5 sports car jumps up $200 with a new starting price of $37,990.

As for the popular BT-50 ute, prices now kick off from $33,850 for the 4x2 XS single cab chassis, while topping out at $71,190 for the 4x4 dual-cab Thunder variant.

However, the Mazda6 and CX-9 received the highest price jumps, with the former up $230 across the board and the latter up at least $260.

As a result, the Mazda6 mid-sizer is now priced from $35,120 for the Sport sedan, stretching to $52,020 for the Atenza wagon.

Meanwhile, the CX-9 large SUV is up by as much as $338 for the top-spec all-wheel-drive versions of the Azami and Azami LE, while the rest of the line-up increases by $260 to kick off from $46,250 for the front-drive Sport range opener.

Specficiation remains unchanged.

2022 Mazda2 pricing before on-road costs

G15 Pure hatchManual$21,390 (+$200)
G15 Pure hatchAutomatic$23,390 (+$200)
G15 Pure sedanAutomatic$23,390 (+$200)
G15 Pure SP hatchAutomatic$23,890 (+$200)
G15 Evolve hatchAutomatic$24,990 (+$200)
G15 GT hatchAutomatic$26,490 (+$200)
G15 GT sedanAutomatic$26,490 (+$200)

2022 Mazda3 pricing before on-road costs

G20 Pure hatchManual$26,540 (+$200)
G20 Pure sedanManual$26,540 (+$200)
G20 Pure hatchAutomatic$27,540 (+$200)
G20 Pure sedanAutomatic$27,540 (+$200)
G20 Pure Vision hatchAutomatic$29,040 (+$200)
G20 Pure Vision sedanAutomatic$29,040 (+$200)
G20 Evolve hatchManual$28,090 (+$200)
G20 Evolve sedanManual$28,090 (+$200)
G20 Evolve hatchAutomatic$29,090 (+$200)
G20 Evolve sedanAutomatic$29.090 (+$200)
G20 Evolve Vision hatchAutomatic$30,590 (+$200)
G20 Evolve Vision sedanAutomatic$30,590 (+$200)
G20 Touring hatchManual$30,590 (+$200)
G20 Touring sedanManual$30,590 (+$200)
G20 Touring hatchAutomatic$31,590 (+$200)
G20 Touring sedanAutomatic$31,590 (+$200)
G20 Touring Vision hatchAutomatic$33,090 (+$200)
G20 Touring Vision sedanAutomatic$33,090 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP hatchManual$31,490 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP sedanManual$31,490 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP hatchAutomatic$32,490 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP sedanAutomatic$32,490 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP Vision hatchAutomatic$33,990 (+$200)
G25 Evolve SP Vision sedanAutomatic$33,990 (+$200)
G25 GT hatchManual$35,190 (+$200)
G25 GT sedanManual$35,190 (+$200)
G25 GT hatchAutomatic$36,190 (+$200)
G25 GT sedanAutomatic$36,190 (+$200)
G25 GT Vision hatchAutomatic$37,690 (+$200)
G25 GT Vision sedanAutomatic$37,690 (+$200)
G25 Astina hatchManual$38,690 (+$200)
G25 Astina sedanManual$38.690 (+$200)
G25 Astina hatchAutomatic$39,690 (+$200)
G25 Astina sedanAutomatic$39,690 (+$200)
G20e Evolve M Hybrid Vision hatchAutomatic$32,840 (+$200)
G20e Evolve M Hybrid Vision sedanAutomatic$32,840 (+$200)
X20 Astina hatchAutomatic$42,690 (+$200)
X20 Astina sedanAutomatc$42,690 (+$200)

2022 Mazda6 pricing before on-road costs

Sport sedanAutomatic$35,120 (+$230)
Sport wagonAutomatic$36,420 (+$230)
Touring sedanAutomatic$39,520 (+$230)
Touring wagonAutomatic$40,820 (+$230)
GT SP sedanAutomatic$47,320 (+$230)
GT SP wagonAutomatic$48,620 (+$230)
Atenza sedanAutomatic$50,720 (+$230)
Atenza wagonAutomatic$52,020 (+$230)

2022 Mazda MX-5 pricing before on-road costs

MX-5Manual$37,790 (+$200)
MX-5Automatic$39,790 (+$200)
GTManual$44,420 (+$200)
GTAutomatic$46,420 (+$200)
GT RSManual$47,420 (+$200)
MX-5 RFManual$42,100 (+$200)
MX-5 RFAutomatic$44,100 (+$200)
RF GTManual$48,500 (+$200)
RF GTAutomatic$50,500 (+$200)
RF GT Black RoofManual$49,520 (+$200)
RF GT Black RoofAutomatic$51,520 (+$200)
RF GT RS Manual$51,500 (+$200)

2022 Mazda CX-3 pricing before on-road costs

Neo Sport FWDManual$23,390 (+$200)
Neo Sport FWDAutomatic$25,390 (+$200)
Maxx Sport FWDManual$25,390 (+$200)
Maxx Sport FWDAutomatic$27,390 (+$200)
Maxx Sport LE FWDAutomatic$28,140 (+$200)
Maxx Sport AWDAutomatic$29,390 (+$200)
sTouring FWDManual$30,090 (+$200)
sTouring FWDAutomatic$32,090 (+$200)
sTouring AWDAutomatic$34,090 (+$200)
Akari FWDAutomatic$37,190 (+$200)
Akari AWDAutomatic$39,190 (+$200)
Akari LE FWDAutomatic$37,690 (+$200)
Akari LE AWDAutomatic$39,690 (+$200)

2022 Mazda CX-30 pricing before on-road costs

G20 Pure FWDManual$29,490 (+$200)
G20 Pure FWDAutomatic$30,590 (+$200)
G20 Pure Vision FWDAutomatic$32,090 (+$200)
G20 Evolve FWDAutomatic$32,290 (+$200)
G20 Evolve Vision FWDAutomatic$33,790 (+$200)
G20 Touring FWDAutomatic$36,040 (+$200)
G20 Touring Vision FWDAutomatic$37,490 (+$200)
G20 Touring SP Vision FWDAutomatic$37,990 (+$200)
G20 Astina FWDAutomatic$41,190 (+$200)
G25 Touring FWDAutomatic$37,690 (+$200)
G25 Touring AWDAutomatic$39,690 (+$200)
G25 Touring Vision FWDAutomatic$38,990 (+$200)
G25 Touring Vision AWDAutomatic$40,990 (+$200)
G25 Touring SP Vision FWDAutomatic$39,490 (+$200)
G25 Touring SP Vision AWDAutomatic$41,490 (+$200)
G25 Astina FWDAutomatic$42,690 (+$200)
G25 Astina AWDAutomatic$44,690 (+$200)
G20e Evolve M Hybrid Vusion FWDAutomatic$36,040 (+$200)
X20 Astina AWDAutomatic$47,690 (+$200)

2022 Mazda MX-30 pricing before on-road costs

G20e EvolveAutomatic$34,190 (+$200)
G20e Evolve VisionAutomatic$35,690 (+$200)
G20e TouringAutomatic$36,690 (+$200)
G20e Touring VisionAutomatic$38,190 (+$200)
G20e AstinaAutomatic$41,190 (+$200)
E35 Astina ElectricAutomatic$65,490

2022 Mazda CX-5 pricing before on-road costs

Maxx 2WDManual$32,390 (+$200)
Maxx 2WDAutomatic$34,390 (+$200)
Maxx Sport 2WDAutomatic$38,190 (+$200)
Maxx Sport AWDAutomatic$40,690 (+$200)
Touring AWDAutomatic$42,580 (+$200)
Touring Active AWDAutomatic$42,880 (+$200)
GT SP AWDAutomatic$48,990 (+$200)
Akera AWDAutomatic$50,880 (+$200)
GT SP Turbo AWDAutomatic$51,490 (+$200)
Akera Turbo AWDAutomatic$53,380 (+$200)
Touring Active AWD dieselAutomatic$45,880 (+$200)
Akera AWD dieselAutomatic$53,880 (+$200)

2022 Mazda CX-8 pricing before on-road costs

Sport FWDAutomatic$40,190 (+$200)
Sport AWD dieselAutomatic$47,190 (+$200)
Touring FWDAutomatic$47,090 (+$200)
Touring SP FWDAutomatic$48,090 (+$200)
Touring AWD dieselAutomatic$54,090 (+$200)
Touring SP AWD dieselAutomatic$55,090 (+$200)
GT FWDAutomatic$56,690 (+$200)
GT AWD dieselAutomatic$63,590 (+$200)
Asaki FWDAutomatic$59,990 (+$200)
Asaki AWD dieselAutomatic$67,090 (+$200)
Asaki LE AWD dieselAutomatic$69,590 (+$200)

2022 Mazda CX-9 pricing before on-road costs

Sport FWDAutomatic$46,250 (+$260)
Sport AWDAutomatic$50,250 (+$260)
Touring FWDAutomatic$53,850 (+$260)
Touring AWDAutomatic$57,850 (+$260)
GT FWDAutomatic$63,350 (+$260)
GT AWDAutomatic$67,350 (+$260)
GT SP FWDAutomatic$63,850 (+$260)
GT SP AWDAutomatic$67,850 (+$260)
Azami FWDAutomatic$66,550 (+$260)
Azami AWDAutomatic$70,969 (+$338)
Azami LE AWDAutomatic$74,219 (+$338)

2022 Mazda BT-50 pricing before on-road costs

XS 4x2 single-cab chassisAutomatic$33,850 (+$200)
XT 4x2 single-cab chassisAutomatic$36,850 (+$200)
XT 4x2 extra-cab chassisAutomatic$40,350 (+$200)
XT 4x2 dual-cab chassisAutomatic$44,390 (+$200)
XS 4x2 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$42,790 (+$200)
XT 4x2 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$45,790 (+$200)
XTR 4x2 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$49,770 (+$200)
XT 4x4 single-cab chassisManual$41,850 (+$200)
XT 4x4 single-cab chassisAutomatic$44,350 (+$200)
XT 4x4 extra-cab chassisManual$45,350 (+$200)
XT 4x4 extra-cab chassisAutomatic$47,850 (+$200)
XT 4x4 dual-cab chassisManual$49,660 (+$200)
XT 4x4 dual-cab chassisAutomatic$52,160 (+$200)
XTR 4x4 dual-cab chassisAutomatic$56,110 (+$200)
XS 4x4 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$51,410 (+$200)
XT 4x4 dual-cab pick-upManual$51,060 (+$200)
XT 4x4 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$53,360 (+$200)
XTR 4x4 dual-cab pick-upManual$54,810 (+$200)
XTR 4x4 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$57,510 (+$200)
GT 4x4 dual-cab pick-upManual$57,290 (+$200)
GT 4x4 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$60,290 (+$200)
SP 4x4 dual-cab pick-upManual$63,290 (+$200)
SP 4x4 dual-cal pick-upAutomatic$66,290 (+$200)
Thunder 4x4 dual-cab pick-upManual$68,190 (+$200)
Thunder 4x4 dual-cab pick-upAutomatic$71,190 (+$200)