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Dog crash test dummies in safety study | video

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    Subaru has turned it focus to four-legged passengers. Photo Gallery

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Subaru is helping make cars safer for dogs.

gallerySubaru vehicles already score well in crash tests – but those test have always been aimed at the two-legged occupants.

Now the carmaker has turned it focus to four-legged passengers, working with the US-based Centre for Pet Safety on crash testing the car restraints sold for dogs – and creating better ones.

The non-profit pet advocacy group says most animal restraints will fail in a serious collision, injuring or killing the animal, and also any human they hurtle into during the crash.

The tests conducted at the centre using a 25kg dog test dummy – about the weight of a large kelpie – found that all the top-selling restraints failed in the 50km/h impact crash usually applied to child seat testing. Subaru has announced it will fund a research program for the Centre to conduct further testing and help develop standards for the restraints.

“As many of our owners have dogs, we feel it’s our responsibility to help them keep their pets as safe as possible when they journey with us,” Subaru's director of corporate communications Michael McHale said.

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  • i purchased the roadie harness great for my malt cross but terrible for lge dogs. xl size did not fit my 26kilo bordercollie cross aust koolie. he has long hair and this product hurt him to walk in so it will be going back to petbarn.

    laura kenny of nsw Posted on 20 December 2013 8:59pm
  • Dogs suck of Somewhere over a rainbow, I hope you are your nit ridden children die in a firey car crash and you're dying bodies are eating but those flea ridden mutts you love so much. MOFO!

    Dogs are awesome of Gold Coast Posted on 23 August 2013 9:10pm
  • This is quite possibly the most stupid story on the net... who the F**K gives a crap about the safety of some dumb mutt??? It's the PEOPLE we care about that we want safe. Don't try and protect a bunch of fleabags when drivers around Australia are killing each other off with their poor driving. Get a f**king GRIP!!!

    Dogs suck of Somewhere over a rainbow Posted on 23 August 2013 10:56am

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