Rolls-Royce Reviews

The grand old British carmaker is now owned by the German carmaker, BMW, but is still the measure of elegance and excellence with its exclusive range of hand-built cars that blend the ultimate in status and luxury with current technology. The time-honoured Phantom nameplate continues in a range of body styles, including a sedan and an extended wheelbase variant, and a convertible and coupe. The Ghost Series II embodies the legend of the past with the best of today's technologies in a sedan and an extended wheelbase variant. Rolls-Royce is sold through a limited number of dealers located in capitol cities around the country.

Why drive when you can be driven? With its Ghost EWB, Rolls-Royce is appealing to the chauffeured classes. The hotel driveway is crammed with cars that catch the eye: Maseratis and Bentleys, lots of Mercedes and BMWs. And one Rolls-Royce. It's outnumbered, but commands the forecourt with an effortless patrician air. Not to mention colossal presence. This could be a hotel anywhere, of course, because luxury cars speak a universal language of affluence. But in...Read more
It's not even that expensive an undertaking. Holden and, especially, Ford would be only too glad to sell you the means to do so for substantially under $50,000. So you needn't wear a white collar on a professional basis in order to afford this particular sensation, much less a crash helmet. But there is getting there and then there's getting there in unparalleled style and comfort without appearing to exert the least effort. That's a...Read more
I always thought the best way to tour Europe was in a first-class seat on the Orient Express. When I spend an all-too brief trip on the classic train from London to the English Channel, I wanted the journey to roll on forever. But forever is a long time and things change. I thought I would always be a Coke man, but now I prefer Pepsi. And my devotion to Allan Moffat and Ford eventually...Read more
It's when you find yourself saying things like: “Beauty — a roundabout!” that you know the initial numbing awe of piloting the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is passing. Even something so mundane as a circle of concrete assumes landmark significance when its being negotiated in 2.6 tonnes of lovingly handcrafted land yacht — one that just happens to have been sold already for a not altogether negligible $1.25 million. Bevin Clayton of Trivett Classic gave...Read more