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Car reviews

The original Fiat 500 , often called the Cinquecento (500 in Italian) was...Read more
Honda Civic has a long and distinguished history in Australia. It has been...Read more
Forget the baseball cap-on-backwards, tatt-toting, doof-doof music-crazy...Read more
Hyundai Tucson is back in Australia, albeit in a totally new format to the...Read more
If you've grown up on a diet of hairy-chested performance Holdens, you...Read more
Having given us the luxury X5 and X3 SUVs it was only a matter of time...Read more
Chrysler's V8, a box with attitude, adds an interior nearing luxury...Read more
No woodgrain trim, no clicking of an analogue clock. Meet the new...Read more
Imagine an elephant that can sprint 100m as fast as Usain Bolt. That is,...Read more
The XJ Jaguar is a British sports saloon that can be divided into three...Read more
It has been nine years since the Audi Q7 was introduced in Australia. In...Read more
With awards, such as Family Car of the Year, Medium Car Under $50,000 and...Read more

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The XJ Jaguar is a British sports saloon that can be divided into three...Read more
Discerning Passat buyers went for the German comforts and dynamics — but...Read more
Suzuki once had the compact four-wheel drive market almost to itself, but...Read more
Here's one for beginners at the affordable end of the market. NEW In a...Read more
The recent introduction of the third generation Audi TT coupe and the...Read more
Toyota largely built its enviable reputation for toughness and reliability...Read more
Mitsubishi went against conventional four-wheel drive wisdom by releasing...Read more
The FZ Swift released in 2011 was an evolutionary model explained Suzuki...Read more
The new Camry released in 2006 was locally made and aimed at capitalizing...Read more
The CR-V has long been a favourite with Australian SUV buyers and has...Read more
Today's Jeep Wrangler can trace its ancestry directly back to the famed...Read more
Mazda has been the standout performer over the last decade or so when its...Read more

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