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Fiat has been making cars in Italy for more than a century and for most of that time has been the country's top selling marque. Today, it's part of the giant Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group and builds a range of small, medium and mid-sized hatches, SUVs and light commercial vans, most with the option of diesel engines. The Italian brand is distributed in Australia by Fiat Chrysler Australia, which imports the cute retro-styled 500, the small Panda and Punto hatches, and seven-seater Freemont crossover wagon. Light commercials include the small Doblo, medium Scudo and large Ducato vans.

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Italian carmaker Fiat is very big in Europe but had been quiet in the Australian passenger car scene for years before re-entering our market in July 2006 with the Punto, a small-medium hatchback. However, Punto was pretty expensive and didn't sell particularly well at the time, to the extent that it was pulled from the new-car market in 2010; some may not have been sold new till early 2011, check the compliance plate as it's...Read more
Meet the Fiat Freemont Crossroad. Chances are you have no idea what the Freemont is, let alone the Crossroad version of it. It may not help to add that it is closely related (in fact, almost identical) to the Dodge Journey , another virtual unknown. Try this: the Freemont Crossroad is a seven-seat wagon that looks like an SUV and is loaded with features, with a V6 driving the front wheels. It's not new —...Read more
After a solid price cut a couple of years ago - and a corresponding surge in popularity - Fiat's modern-day 500 galloped into its "Series 3" model refresh . The new one landed with the now-customary "Has anything changed?" styling and a few tweaks, along with a decent price hike. With the styling intact and a commitment to improve the cabin, one of the smallest but coolest cars on the market may now also be...Read more
When people ask me what I think of my wife Julie's Fiat 500 by Gucci I always give the same answer, "Love the car, hate the gearbox". That's in reference to the automated manual five-speed unit that Fiat calls a Dualogic. So when I was invited to road test a Fiat 500 S - with a 'proper' six-speed manual gearbox for a week I jumped at the chance. Our test car 500 S was priced...Read more
New details and a seven-inch digital instrument panel are used to justify price hikes of up to $3000 for the Fiat 500. As recently as February buyers could walk out of dealerships with the base model Pop for $14,000 drive-away. Today that price is $17,000 for the 'Series 3" models - and the Pop misses out on the 'TFT" touchscreen display - though it picks up the new interior and external colour options. FiatChrysler Australia...Read more
Is retro style that apes a 1950s Euro-classic still cool in 2014? The Fiat 500’s recent Australian sales figures certainly suggest so. Over the past 12 months, local sales the pint (or pinta) sized modern version of the original 1957 Cinquecento have more than doubled, despite its design dating back to 2007. 2014 Fiat 500 range 2014 Fiat 500 Pop 2014 Fiat 500 Pop 2014 Fiat 500 Pop 2014 Fiat 500 Pop 2014 Fiat 500...Read more
Graham Smith reviews the used Fiat 500 hatch 2008-2010, its fine points, its flaws and what to watch for when you are buying it. NEW The nostalgia wave that swept over us a few years ago produced a number of new models that recalled classics of days gone by. There was the Mini, the Beetle, the PT Cruiser to name a few, but none has, the Mini excepted, made the impact of Fiat's baby 500...Read more
The popularity of large motorhomes escaped us until this week when we actually experienced one first hand. Big, Winnebago-size rigs had been of slight interest – viewed from a distance. We had been in smaller models before and a succession of campervans and caravans all of which failed to ignite the "self-contained adventure" spirit in our belly. But Brisbane-based outfit Talvor offered up a 400km drive and two nighter in its latest Hayman model which...Read more
NEW - Rekindling the past is a risky business, just try on a pair of flares from the '70s and you'll get the idea. But carmakers have dived into the retro pool and risking their past glories by attempting to revive memories of classic old models. Sometimes it works, like the Mini has, other times it hasn't, like VW 's Beetle . Fiat joined the circus in 2008 when it launched the new-age 500 ,...Read more
The nimble city-friendly Fiat 500L can be the answer for style-seeking grown-up buyers. You just need to pose the right question. Unveiled at the recent Chicago motor show and due in Australia early next year, the 500L uses the letter to explain its size - Large. Stretching the iconic Fiat 500 Bambino to seat five people makes sense in the US -- where L-for-large spells value and people like their own space. In Australia it...Read more
The Abarth 500 is a tiny car with a big heart. This baby (or should that be bambino?) Italian sports machine is guaranteed to bring pleasure to anyone who loves sitting behind a steering wheel. In Australia we like our cars hot so the decision was made to import only the topline the Abarth 500 Esseesse (trying saying ‘SS’ with an Italian accent and suddenly ‘Esseesse ‘ makes sense!). VALUE The Australian line-up includes the...Read more
We've been dying to have crack at this car since its launch last year. But the previous distributors of Fiat and Alfa Romeo in this country always laughed off our request. Not so Chrysler which recently resumed responsibility for distribution of the cars here. Chrysler by way of explanation is 60 per cent owned by Fiat which has gradually lifted its stake in the American company since rescuing it from bankruptcy three years ago. Chrysler...Read more