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The iconic off-roader came into being after World War 2 and quickly won a reputation with the rural community around the world. The addition of the large, luxury Range Rover in 1970 broadened the brand's appeal to city dwellers. Land Rover still produces its vehicles in England, but is now part of the Indian Tata Group. Land Rover Australia imports the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Freelander 2, and traditional Defender.

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It's a bit of a cliche, but there's no denying that if you can design a car with just three strokes of the pencil, it can't help but look good. The Range Rover Evoque Coupe is just such a thing. As with many niche vehicles released by makers with a brand history as affectionately regarded as Range Rover's, the car dropped to howls of mud-covered, lamb-chop wearing aficionados moaning about the Toorak Tractor association that...Read more
Land Rover Discovery Sport is the first all-new model in over 10 years and takes a different direction in styling, but certainly not in substance. Many things have changed in the past decade, with sales of SUVs increasing at a huge rate worldwide. However, many buyers of SUVs are looking for a stylish station wagon and have little or no interest in using them as 4WDs. Land Rover is well aware of this and has...Read more
The versatile Discovery Sport typifies the brand's resurgence and, off-road, leaves the German rivals behind The latest Land Rover is a discovery process for the brand and for buyers. The Discovery Sport is aimed at everything from top-end Subarus to BMWs, with a package that fits more in to the compact SUV than its rivals can match. That breadth of capability extends from its off-road ability to its seven-seat option and highlights the rapid improvements...Read more

Australian car buyers are increasingly drawn to a badge on the bonnet...Read more

Range Rover Sport sometimes confuses people. It's not just a standard Range Rover with 'Sport' badges, a firmed up suspension and some go-faster bits -- rather it's a model in its own right. Like its big brother Range Rover, the all-new Range Rover Sport has been on a serious diet. Compared with the previous generation Sport the new one is as much as 420 kg lighter, thanks to the extensive use of aluminium in both...Read more
We Aussies love our V8s. The history books say it, the Bathurst fans say it, and now there are more than 500 cash-paid deposits for the GTS from Holden Special Vehicles that prove it. The overwhelming support for the supercharged 6.2-litre Big Dog, and the rest of the HSV pack that's romping to a sellout V8 success of more than 3000 cars in 2013, shows there is still a place for old-school muscle in the...Read more
You may find this difficult to believe but the Land Rover Defender has quite a bit in common with the Porsche 911 . Land Rover and the Porsche 356 each started life in 1948. Fast forward to 2013 and the latest Land Rover Defender and the Porsche 911 are immediately identifiable from the shapes of those 65 year-old predecessors. Neither Land Rover or Porsche mess too much with the Defender or Porsche 911 shape for...Read more
In the course of a few crowded hours one afternoon this week we charted the extremes of the passenger vehicle spectrum.Leaving the smooth tarmac of South Wales we swept along gravel surfaces that could belong to a stage of the World Rally Championship. There followed a dissection of B to C hardtop that could hardly have been incised more sharply in a roadster. Then, on England's original off road torture ground, we descended a slope...Read more
It’s a pity that in sharing its underpinnings with the newer Evoque, the Freelander gave up its place in the compact luxury SUV sector. Now, this week in Canada, Freelander takes bits back from Evoque and again proves a strong contender to other European SUVs. The changes aren’t big - the replacement of a petrol engine with a new motor and some trim changes, with new paint and better finishes. But they should be sufficient...Read more
If we judged content before appraising appearance, the little black dress and Zegna suits immediately would be obsolete. Expressions such as “love at first sight’’ would be redundant and we would choose products and partners by delving into their intimate specifications. Which sounds more like a life not worth living. For without being captured by the looks, the style and the individuality of a person or something less innate, we would all live in grey...Read more
Range Rover Evoque is an indication that the British 4WD maker understands the reality of the so-called soft-roader vehicle. The burgeoning compact SUV market, or soft-roader if you like to call it that, initially saw Land Rover moving down in size with the Freelander. But it retained the sort of off-road ability Land Rover owners deemed to be essential. Land Rover then displayed a stunning looking concept vehicle that drew a lot of favourable comments...Read more
The Pure ED4 is where the Evoque model lineup kicks off - at $49,995 but we seriously doubt you'd be able to find one in base spec. Range Rover has a "client customisation program" with Evoque that lets buyers choose what they want (at extra cost). EXCLUSIVE It means no two Evoques will be the same - they'll all be "exclusive." We got hold of a new front wheel drive super economical eD4 five door...Read more