Porsche Reviews

The legendary German sports car brand created by renowned engineer Dr. Ferdinand Porsche after World War Two has become one the leading sports and high-performance car producers in the world. From making a single model Porsche now produces a range of high-performance sports oriented coupes, convertibles, sedans and SUVs. The models now include the sublime Boxster, the Cayman coupe, the iconic 911 coupe and cabriolet in a myriad of guises, the Panamera sports sedan, Macan compact SUV, and full-sized Cayenne SUV. Many models are available with diesels or turbocharged engines.

When you buy a two-tonne SUV, conventional wisdom says you sacrifice performance, handling and any semblance of sportiness in favour of more prosaic virtues such as interior space, versatility, comfort, all-road capability and, of course, the requisite presence to cut off other drivers in traffic. In theory it is impossible to make a big, heavy SUV drive like a sports car, precisely because big and heavy are powerful handbrakes on the basic physics of agile,...Read more
Porsche's racer relishes the high-speed track work and is no slouch on the autobahn. Porsche doesn't care if its new $387,700 racer for the road is overtaken on the autobahn. The maker will be upset, however, if the 911 GT3 RS is passed on a racetrack. It's relatively simple to build something with a turbocharged monster motor and a very high top speed, says Andreas Preuninger, Porsche's high-performance car and motorsport director. What's difficult is...Read more
Porsche makes such an extraordinary variety of 911s that even among convertibles there are eight variants. They start with a rear-wheel drive Carrera Cabriolet at $229,900 and climax with the all-wheel drive Turbo S Cabriolet at $466,900. Among the upper tiers are GTS models, which are enhanced versions of the Carrera S Cabriolet with special features and a high level of trim and equipment. To anyone with a fondness for the model the GTS presses...Read more
The top dog in the Porsche pack is about to be taken down a peg. The Cayenne has ruled on the sales charts since it first arrived — even saving the 911 and Porsche's other sports cars from potential extinction — but is about to be overtaken by the Macan . That's not to say Porsche is going soft on the Cayenne as it continues to do good things at the top end with the...Read more
Mark Webber is a magician in a Porsche 918. Me? I'm rubbish. When Webber took me for hot laps at Albert Park during the Australian Grand Prix he dug deep into the incredible power and grip and technology of the $1.5 million Porsche hybrid hero, cranking up to 260km/h down the pit straight and hustling it through the corners at speeds to make a V8 Supercars driver worried. I will never forget the first uppercut...Read more
It takes a very special car to make a Carrera Cup racer look slow. The Porsche 918 Spyder is that car. Not just that, but the 918 can make an ordinary driver - let’s call that me - look good against a champion racer called Craig Baird. As we hot lap at Phillip Island, a track where the 918 will wind around past 280km/h with ease and generate race-car grip on road-car tyres, I’m having...Read more
As the international contingent of motoring media assemble in the pits of southern Portugal's Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, we get some bad news. Our hot laps in the track-focused new Porsche Cayman will be behind a pace car. Then the good news. Our chaperon will be rally legend Walter Rohrl. After one lap to sight the corners, the man who sets production car lap records for Porsche at Germany's famed Nurburgring racetrack is already driving...Read more
It takes a bit to get your head around Porsche's Panamera eco-warrior. The four-door, four-seat hatch is Porsche's most advanced plug-in hybrid and prioritises efficiency over outright engagement. Being a Porsche, the Panamera S E-Hybrid is still damn quick, but in absolute terms it is more expensive and less engaging than the regular Panamera S. It also weighs 285 kilograms more. The flip side is a battery range of 18-35km, meaning the folk in well-to-do...Read more
Porsche purists are still whining, but the fact of the matter is that if Porsche doesn't do SUVs, the purists are unlikely to get machines like the 918 Spyder or Cayman GTS . So that argument is pretty much over for the rest of the internet, thank goodness. Porsche's challenge now is to continue to grow its SUV line-up while maintaining the balance between sporty and utility. It's started from a good base, both technologically...Read more
There are Porsches, and then there is the GT3. The razor-sharp road rocket of the 911 family is the car you choose when you're planning some serious Sunday morning fun or heading to a racetrack. Which is how I come to be cranking through turn one at Queensland Raceway at 128km/h on a hot-and-humid deadline day when I should be sitting in front of a computer. The GT3 is alive underneath my fingers and feet...Read more
Seismic events have shaped the hills around Los Angeles into a topographic torture chamber. The LA Crest Highway is carved into the folded and fractured landscape and our Porsche 911 Carrera GTS doing its best to engineer a fracture in that surface too. The bi-modal exhaust is set to intimidate and the Sports button has been depressed to deploy sharper throttle, steering and transmission response. The road is largely devoid of traffic — a bonus...Read more
Doesn't matter which one you choose, even diesel Porsches are gonna be quick and the petrols are much quicker again. Such is the case with the new Macan Turbo, a 3.6-litre, turbo petrol, fire breathing, premium, medium-size SUV. Back in the origin of the species, the Macan shares stuff with Audi's Q5 SUV but you wouldn't know. GOES Macan Turbo goes like the clappers despite tipping the scales at close to two-tonnes. That's because it...Read more
When Porsche unveiled the Targa variant of its 911 sportscar at the Detroit motor show in January , the crowd stood fascinated by its innovative roof action. The large domed rear window hinges up and back, leaving an exposed shelf behind the rear seats. Then the roof section above the front seats swings up and over the wide rollover bar on to the shelf, before the glass returns to its position. It happens at the...Read more
Porsche purists don't like to admit it, but the Porsche Cayenne is arguably the most important model in the iconic German marque's range. Though not a sportscar the Cayenne is by far the biggest selling Porsche. Today about seven out of ten Porsches sold are SUVs, either Cayenne or the new Macan. These are bringing in serious amounts of money, money that's then probably used to subsidise the price of the purists' car of choice...Read more
Porsche Macan is only the second crossover SUV from the German sportscar maker in modern times. Interestingly, Ferdinand Porsche probably designed the first ever 4WD. In 1900 he came up with a vehicle that used an all-wheel-drive system in the Lohner-Porsche racing car, which had four electric wheel-hub motors. In the 2014 Le Mans 24-hour race the Porsche racers used electric motors in their drivetrains to achieve all-wheel drive – seems the old man was...Read more
For a company that mocked the idea of four-door passenger cars, diesels or SUVs with a Porsche badge, they do a bloody good job of making them. The latest addition to the Porsche fold, the four-door turbo diesel Macan SUV is a most compelling example of how the Porsche engineers (with help from Audi and VW) can elevate such a concept. Just because it's the cheapest of the current range - you'll have to go...Read more
Porsche's design icon handles the school and shop chores - and relishes the roads less travelled. Making the daily duties more amusing is one way to reclassify them. For trips to the shops and hardware store (less of a chore), or the school run on the way to the office, a vehicle needs a bit of cargo and crew space. None of these chores will rank high on the grin factor scale - unless the...Read more
Forget the gentle sounds of a waterfall, the running of a tap or the hiss of a civic fountain, all you need to do is press one button on this $475,000 Porsche sedan to make your passenger need the bathroom. I know this because I was experimenting with the button on the way up to the shops to get dessert after last Sunday night’s big family feast. In the car’s “comfort” mode my passenger, balancing...Read more
Let's say you want a VW Golf GTI, a Jaguar XFR or even a Porsche Cayenne Turbo but you'd like to turn their performance all the way up to a 11. Well, that's why you can get a Golf GTI performance pack, a Jaguar XFR-S and even a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. But are these highly tuned models really worth the extra cash? To find out Owen Mildenhall compares them on track with their standard...Read more