Ferrari Reviews

In the years since Enzo Ferrari started building sports cars after World War II, Ferrari has come to be the very definition of the term with an exotic blend of high performance, sensuous style and glorious glamour. Now owned by Fiat, Ferrari continues the tradition of producing beautiful high-performance sports cars with models such as the F12 Berlinetta, the all-wheel drive four-seater FF, the 488 GTB, and the California T.

The "T" in the badge of the turbo V8 could easily stand for "theatre". The original Ferrari California was a soft car. Parked alongside the riotous 458 , it was more likely to be chosen just as an open-air cruiser or for day-to-day commuting than a flat-out Sunday morning blast. I understand the appeal to people who think driving is a chore but still want a Ferrari to impress themselves and their friends. The new...Read more
Ferrari created a storm when it unveiled the FF at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show . I know, because I were there – but couldn't see the FF until half an hour after the covers were removed. That's how long it took for the astonished crowd to clear. Keep in mind we are talking about a bunch of cynical seen-it-all-before car journos and you will really come to understand the sensation the FF created. Ferrari...Read more
It takes time for Ferrari's grand tourer to endear itself. The initial reaction to the four-seat, four-wheel-drive is, "what the FF?". This is not your typical Fezza: it's a big, shooting brake-styled car that doesn't appear to do justice to the prancing horse logos on the flanks. Fire up the FF (it stands for Ferrari Four...seats or driven wheels, take your pick) and there's a neighbour-rousing snarl as the naturally aspirated V12 displaces enough gases...Read more
What better way to celebrate the first anniversary of the announcement of the California T than to spend a sunny weekend in one? We couldn't think of a better way either, so settled for just that. It gave us the chance to see what Maranello has done to address the complaints about the first car while also previewing what's in store for the future - forced induction V8s are going to be a big part...Read more
Less really does cost more in this Ferrari 458 Speciale. Imagine signing up for a brand-new Toyota Yaris and paying the dealer a hefty premium to remove the floor mats, the carpet, the radio and other bare necessities -- only to pay over the odds yet again to have those so items refitted. Welcome to what is possibly the best business model in the car game: the rarified world of the lightweight super-sportscar. For some...Read more
The only way to map the outer edges of Planet Ferrari is to go exploring on a racetrack. It's the one place you can make every gear change at the 9000rpm redline, punish the brilliant brakes on every stop, and drill into the depths of the red cars' extraordinary grip and handling balance. With no cops and no cameras, it's all about the need for speed and a howling Italian soundtrack. It's by far the...Read more
Every young boy dreams of being able to fly and driving a race car. The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta realises both ambitions. It is — until the launch of the hybrid La Ferrari — the fastest Prancing Horse in the road-registered stable, hitting 200km/h in 8.5 seconds, or less time than most cars take to hit 100. It defies supercar conventions by being smaller and cheaper than its predecessor, the 599 GTO. And if grandma keeps...Read more
If you could get to 60 years of marriage, it would be a diamond anniversary - and you'd deserve a medal. If life begins at 40 then maybe by 60 you're looking to slow down a bit, maybe stepping out of the 599 or 458 and into something a bit more practical. Stopping to indulge in the odd roadside petal instead of using wind vortexes to rip them off as you scream by. The brand...Read more
Removing the top is almost always a good thing - a beer, for example, is much better topless. It's rarely a bad thing unless we're talking about cars - many hardtops that are hacksawed into convertible status don't make the grade sans roof. The Ferrari 458 Spider is most certainly NOT one of these - it is a gorgeous four-wheeled supermodel, which despite a drop in torsional rigidity over the coupe and some rear end...Read more
When grand prix superstars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button finish work on a Sunday afternoon they drive home in something very special. The McLaren men now have his-and-his McLaren road cars as their F1 team accelerates into the supercar business and a fresh confrontation with Ferrari. The all-new McLaren promises everything from a carbon fibre chassis and 449 kiloWatts to a full leather interior and a breakthrough Australian- developed hydraulic suspension system. It is a...Read more
PEOPLE who say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks have not spent any time with the Ferrari 458 Italia. It's a car that absolutely forces you to think again. And again. The latest Ferrari frontrunner is a supercar with a capital S, yet also refined and luxurious and easy - yes, easy - to drive. It's so easy and so good that it has changed this old dog from a Porsche lover into...Read more
Supercar makers are acting quickly to "green-up" their cars in the face of ever tightening emissions limits across the globe. But it's not a gloom and doom story for died-in-the-wool petrol heads as demonstrated by Ferrari with its California HELE (High Emotion Low Emissions) model. It's the vanguard of other HELE models in the Ferrari range that may eventually all feature the planet-saving technology used in the California. For some reason, Ferrari still makes a...Read more
PUTTING a 4WD system into a grand tourer isn’t new - Jensen did it 50 years ago with its FF. Porsche and Bentley use it in their saloons and it all became a bit academic until Ferrari unveiled its interpretation, the FF. It was unexpected but, in hindsight, makes sense as the bespoke car maker broadens its market and listens to its customers. The Ferrari FF, the replacement to the 612 Scaglietti, ups the ante...Read more
In the natural order of evolution the latest version of any new car has to be better, safer, grander and in today's world even greener than the one it replaces. That's a given. But sometimes that natural order gets out of step. There are newcomers who don't just take one evolutionary step forward, but to borrow a line from the bloke who walked on the moon, they take a giant leap forward. Such is the...Read more
A new age of Ferrari convertibles has arrived, as the Italian marque's newest addition to its range has landed in Australia. Wearing a price sticker of $472,000, it's not going to be a segment volume leader but it does debut a dual-clutch automatic, a front mid-mount direct-injection alloy V8 and aluminium construction. Last sold in the mid 1960s, the California nameplate recently hit the headlines again as a car once owned by James Coburn sold...Read more
The fastest open-top Ferrari was unveiled this week in Sydney. The car has anextremely limited production run that will see a mere dozen coming to Australia. Needlesss to say, it’s a stunner. But the numbers add up too. Starting with the name, or nomenclature in true Ferrari terminology; 16M – represents the number of times Ferrari has won the World Constructors Championship. Luca di Montezemolo is personally responsible for the 16M as he requested a...Read more
Travelling two-up in the back of a chauffeur-driven W12 A8 limo, the silence was broken by the distinctive scream of an Italian engine followed by a blur on the left side of the Audi. "What was that?" my fellow passenger squawked with a crinkled face that was mixed with horror and intrigue from his position seated in the right rear. The object that came and went in a flash in the fast lane on the...Read more
That's because it's bucketing down and the roads have taken on an oily sheen that reflects the erratic antics of motorists clambering to get to work on time. Into this I drive, with sweating teeth and bloodless knuckles. Don't look for the whites of my eyes, the pupils have dilated to unblinking pools of doom,urgently envisaging potential accident scenarios. Yet barely moments later there is clarity in my vision, perspiration no longer pours from my...Read more