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Ferrari, one of the most famous car makers in the world. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as a racing concern, they didn't start selling street cars till 1947. Ferrari's often top the wish list of cars you could buy if you had no limit. In motorsport the Ferrari name is synonomous with Formula 1, and they have won many world championships and constructor titles. Modern Ferrari road cars include the California, 599GTB and 612 Scaglietti. The F458 Italia was recently introduced to great acclaim for it's design and features. Ferrari produce a car as their latest supercar, starting many would say with the legendary 250 GTO leading through cars such as the F40, F50 and most recently with the Ferrari Enzo and FXX. Typically these cars are offered to buyers by invitation only, and they are produced in very limited numbers. Ferrari's still race in Rosso Corsa, Racing Red. It's the colour most associated with the road cars with cars such as the Testarossa, meaning red head after the red painted engine head on the car.